H3X: Everything you need to know

I keep hearing about this event but don't know what it is.

H3X is a Global Hurricane Heat Event held at exactly the same time in multiple locations around the globe!

The H3X at its core is a Hurricane Heat, but instead of being a single event on a certain date, it's ALL THREE Hurricane Heat lengths rolled into a consecutively run event. Additionally, there will be several events to choose from across the globe which all start at the exact same time and run simultaneously regardless of time zone. It will have the feeling that you’re participating in the same event with thousands of your Spartan Extreme Endurance family wherever they are.

How it Works

H3X functions as 3-stage Hurricane Heat, culminating in a Hurricane Heat 24 Hours. Participants Pre-Register for one of three events (4 Hours, 12 Hours, 24 Hours). They have the option to continue for up to 24 hours but will be charged an additional amount post-event.

  1. Stage 1 is a Hurricane Heat 4 Hour.
  2. Stage 2 continues for another eight hours into a Hurricane Heat 12 Hour (additional registration cost will be applied post-event)
  3. Stage 3 - Active participants have the option of continuing for another 12 hours to complete a Hurricane Heat 24 Hour (additional registration cost will be applied post-event)

If I complete all three tiers, will I get three sets of medals, tags, and shirts?


Participants only collect medals and tags for successful completion of the highest tier they go for.

So, for example, if a participant completes the Hurricane Heat and goes on to the Hurricane Heat 12 Hour and completes that, they will receive only the Hurricane Heat 12 Hour items If they continue and do all 24 hours, they will receive only the Hurricane Heat 24 Hour items.

Will I get the medal of the tier below if I continue, but do not complete it?

No. Participants must make the decision to continue and complete the next tier, or risk losing everything.

For example, if the participant makes it through the Hurricane Heat 4 Hour and Hurricane Heat 12 Hour, but fails the Hurricane Heat 24 Hour, they will receive nothing. Anyone is welcome to stop at any time after one tier is complete and they will receive that tier's finisher items, but they may not continue.

Think of it like running a marathon. Completing 18 miles and quitting doesn't get you a half marathon. It simply means you came 6.2 miles short of finishing the marathon and so go home empty-handed.

  • Initially, participants register for the event/stage they wish to complete. However, they can choose to continue at the end of their originally selected stage if they wish to go longer.
  • In order to receive a finisher wedge & patch, participants must complete at minimum the original event/stage in which they registered.
    • Example 1: Bob registers for Hurricane Heat  12 hour and completes only the Hurricane Heat 4 hour, he does not receive a finisher patch/wedge
    • Example 2: Jane registers for the Hurricane Heat and continues into the Hurricane Heat 12 Hour and then into Hurricane Heat 24 Hour, she receives only the Hurricane Heat 24 Hour finisher patch/wedge.



Who can Participate?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to step up to take part, but it is strongly advised that participants attempting the 12 or 24 Hour have Spartan Extreme Endurance experience (Hurricane Heat/Agoge).

The Hurricane Heat is not a race. However, there is a very real possibility that not moving fast enough causes you to miss a cutoff time, resulting in being dropped from the event. 

Is H3X competitive?

There will be both team and individual missions –or challenges- throughout the 24 hours.  Some will be competitive, some will not. Not only will each country be competing against each other worldwide, but there will also be individual missions throughout the event in which you will be ranked and timed. It pays to be first and give 100 percent all of the time.

Does everybody finish or graduate?

No. This is the most challenging of all Hurricane Heats. Even giving your best at all times does not guarantee a graduation status. H3X graduation is determined by a point system and a certain percentage of points will be required to graduate. Are you up for the challenge?

Will the point system be disclosed before the event?

No. You will not be told which missions are worth points or how many points each graded mission is worth. Your best bet is to train hard, work hard, always put in your best effort, and keep a positive attitude.

If I sign up for the Hurricane Heat 4 Hour, can I modify my event duration after I get there?

Absolutely. If you feel like you have more in you at the completion of the Hurricane Heat 4 Hour or Hurricane Heat 12 Hour and you want to continue, you will be allowed to carry on and will be charged the small upcharge at the end of the event. You may also upgrade your event online beforehand for much quicker registration. Please note that Season Passes only cover the normal Hurricane Heat and if one is used to registering, the normal upgrade fee would apply to change to the Hurricane Heat 12 Hour or 24 Hour.

Why are all of the start times varied?

Due to the fact that this event starts at the same time regardless of time zone, the start times need to be varied to accommodate.

What if I only want to do the Hurricane Heat 24 Hour?

In this case, you only need to register for the Hurricane Heat 24 Hour. The Hurricane Heat 4-Hour and Hurricane Heat 12-Hour participants will be with you until their events conclude and then you will carry on. Good luck!

Will doing this event help me complete my Endurance Trifecta and Delta?

Absolutely! Successful completion of any of these events adds a wedge to your Hurricane Heat Trifecta and Spirit Delta.

Why is this event "non-refundable"?

We are creating special awards for this event so we can’t refund you if your plans change.

Will there be a gear list and gear list video like other Hurricane Heat 4-Hour events?

Count on it! It will be released in the language of the venue you register for.

How is this event different than a Hurricane Heat 4 Hour, 12 Hour, or 24 Hour?

The biggest difference is that all three events in each venue run concurrently.

Why are these all running at the same time?

Community, family, and the chance to do the same event as your fellow Spartans in all of our other global locations.

Will there be a cool patch or other swag for this event?

Absolutely! We are creating event-specific merchandise items also.

What if I sign up for the Hurricane Heat 12 Hour or Hurricane Heat 24 Hour but decided only to do the Hurricane Heat 4 Hour?

You will be given a chance to change your registration BEFORE the event starts, but once it starts you must complete what you are registered for in order to be considered a finisher.

Will I be able to grab my food after the Hurricane Heat 4 Hour for the Hurricane Heat 12 Hour or 24 Hour?

Yes, there will be a brief transition time where those continuing can prepare their bags/food/etc.

Will we get a heads-up on what we will be doing during H3X?

No. Absolutely not. Bring your gear list, a good attitude, a body that has done some training, and a smile. That's all you need.

So there will be a gear list, then?

Yes, the Gear List will be shared no less than 30 days before the event.

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