What is the Agoge?

What is the Spartan AGOGE?

Named after the punishing training that young Spartans endured in ancient Greece, Spartan has revived Agoge to be the most unique endurance sports event in the world, and one of the most difficult. Fifty to 100 souls from all walks of life travel to the most remote parts of the world to find out what they’re made of, inside and out. Agoge is all about personal transformation and is loaded with heart-pounding action, exotic culture, and high adventure. While Ancient Spartans took 11 years to complete their Agoge, we do ours in a matter of days.

The Agoge (uh-GO-ghee) is holistic. It tests not only mental and physical strength, but also courage, integrity, teamwork, and morals. For up to 60 hours, participants persevere together in a common struggle, plunge into deeper self-understanding and forge new bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.

The Agoge centers around:

Purpose: Having a sharply defined focus on one’s own life.
Commitment: Being dedicated to a fulfilling, healthy, meaningful life through one’s actions.
Resilience: Adapting to change and overcoming adversity, repeatedly.
Knowledge: Gaining information, facts, and situational awareness through lived experiences.

As the highest peak in the Spartan ascent, the Agoge is the culmination of everything a person has learned in life. Finishers become innovative thinkers, prudent risk-takers, and expert decision-makers. They will embody the Spartan Code, a code of honor and respect that breeds trust and inspires action. Most importantly, they become masters of themselves.

How long is it?

At registration, participants commit to an Agoge of up to 60 hours. There is minimal rest, only challenges, tasks, and education in real-life situations, as well as personal reflection.

What do I get at the end?
A wedge and patch to represent their impressive accomplishment. All finishers also receive an Agoge t-shirt and hoodie.
The most valuable takeaway from the Agoge is the truly unforgettable memories and experiences you will have built with a close-knit community of like-minded adventurers.

Can anyone do an Agoge?
It is highly recommended that participants understand endurance events and races before they embark on their Agoge journey. The challenges are relentless and will test you further and harder than any other Spartan event.

Do I need certain gear?
Yes. There is a mandatory equipment list, please visit the Agoge webpage here for more information. This list is mandatory and participants must demonstrate the ability how to use each item.

Do I need to know certain skills?
Yes. You will be expected to demonstrate, perhaps under pressure, how to tie these knots.

Knot Tying - Pass-Through Figure 8

Knot Tying - Double Fisherman's knot

Knot Tying - Clove Hitch Knot

Knot Tying - Bowline knot

Do I need to be amazingly fit?
You must be able to pass the Agoge Fitness Assessment, which includes a Swim & Physical FItness test. Please visit the Agoge webpage here for more information.

Do I need a doctor’s clearance to participate?

Yes, you must submit a letter from your doctor stating you are physically able to participate. This can be done via the same link and at the same time as the Fitness Assessment.

Why do I need these gear items and these skills?
The Agoge is a hard event and safety is of paramount importance. If you cannot demonstrate these skills, you will not be allowed to participate.

Where are the Agoge events being held?
There are only two Agoge events held per year, please visit the Agoge webpage here for more information.

Will I need a travel visa for these locations?
If you need to check up on whether or not you need a visa, please click here for the Agoge webpage.

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