What is the Spartan Ultra?

With foundations in traditional ultra-running, the Spartan Ultra merges the sport of obstacle course racing along with 50K courses and 60 obstacles to create a truly unique and brutal challenge. This is a serious ultra-distance athletic challenge.

The Ultra will be geared for true endurance-focused Spartans, with a minimum distance of 50K. Upon completion of this test of will, successful finishers will receive a unique Ultra belt buckle, as well as a special Ultra-branded finisher shirt and wedge medal.

The Spartan Ultra will count towards the Beast portion of the Spartan Trifecta. When using an Ultra as the Beast portion, you would still need 1 Sprint/Stadion and 1 Super to complete a Trifecta. 

Completion of one Ultra will count as one piece of the Trifecta. You must complete the entire course in order for it to count. Completing half of the Ultra course will not count as a Beast. More information on the Spartan Trifecta can be found here.

New for 2022, US Spartan Season Pass Holders will have their Ultra registrations covered with the use of their pass.

Specific race information such as course cut-offs will be posted the week of the race in the Race Day Program.

Please note: Anyone racing in a Spartan Ultra event must be at least 18 years old on race day.  

For information on the Spartan Ultra World Championships, please visit this article.


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