Spartan+ (Plus) Membership

Spartan+ is the newest offering for Spartans looking to get the most out of their race season. It includes merchandise discounts and incredible race day benefits.

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How to sign up for Spartan+

  • Visit our Spartan+ landing page.
  • Download the Spartan App and purchase in-app! 
  • At a live event, visit the merchandise tent and look for membership cards.
  • 2024 US Trifecta or US Season Pass holders can receive 50% off the Spartan+ membership
  • Log into your account and click the Spartan+ banner.
  • If you’re making a purchase on the website, you can add it to your cart.

What does Spartan+ cost?

  • There are two payment options for Spartan+ yearly and monthly. A yearly membership costs $99.99 and is billed once a year on the date of purchase. A monthly membership costs $9.99 per month and is billed once a month on the date of purchase. 

  • If you would like to change your membership from monthly to yearly or vice versa, or cancel your membership, you can do that by following the instructions here


What are the benefits?

  • Guaranteed start time at the time of registration (not valid if running with a team)
  • Member Zone recovery area at select live events
  • (New for 2024) Members will receive a promotional code once per quarter (up to 4x per year), with a value equal to or up to the cost of 1 high resolution photo 
  • 20% Online Store and Onsite merchandise discount (excludes Power Systems, True Form, Gift Cards, iTab, Legendborne)
  • Free standard shipping and returns (*Members get free shipping on $8.95 standard shipping items & free returns on all Spartan merchandise except gift cards and final sale items.)
  • Exclusive merchandise offers and flash sales
  • Ticket Protection 
  • (New for 2024!) Exclusive access to Members-Only area in the Spartan App, including race specific training programs, obstacle secrets and how-to's, and more!

Please note Guaranteed start times at the time of registration is NOT valid for Trail races.

How do I use my benefits?

  • Start Time - When you register for a race in the Open Category you will have the option of selecting a wave time. This selection will be guaranteed to you on race day. If you wish to race as part of a team, this guaranteed time does not extend to other members of your team. You will need to coordinate with your team members and select the same time as they have chosen. 
    *Please note: In the event of race day schedule changes, Spartan may need to adjust your start time outside of your preferred option. We will make every effort to keep you as close as possible, but please refer to your race ticket in your Spartan Account, the week prior to the event for your exact, confirmed start time.
  • Race Day Benefits - At live events and races, you will show your race ticket to onsite staff. Your ticket needs to display the Spartan+ logo to give you access to live events. Find your tickets in the Events section of your Spartan Account
  • Online Store Benefits - When shopping online you must first sign in (using the same email your Spartan+ account is linked to) and then your membership discount will automatically be applied to your cart. You are unable to use multiple discounts on one order.
  • Photo Benefits - Spartan+ Members will receive a promotional code once per quarter (up to 4x per year), with a value equal to or up to the cost of 1 high resolution photo. Credit can only be applied post event, to either a 1 photo purchase or towards a photo package bundle.

    Spartan+ Members will be able to apply this promotional code to any photo purchases AFTER THE EVENT only. Spartan+ Member Promo codes will NOT be valid for photo package purchases made in the registration process or before the event. Promo codes can not be retroactively applied to purchases made prior to the event, or purchases that are completed without inserting and applying the promotional code. Promotional codes can not be “stacked” and must be used one code per transaction. To receive their quarterly promotional code, Spartan+ members must be members in good standing for at least 3 consecutive months.

  • Spartan App - The Spartan App is free to download for all US-residents. Spartan+ members should log in with the email address attached to their Spartan Account, to access member benefits. 
    Spartans can also sign up for Spartan+ Membership, within the app. 

When do I get my benefits?

  • Your shop and merch tent benefit is immediately available. For Online Store benefits follow the steps above.
  • Your race day benefits are immediately available.
  • Your photo benefit code will be emailed to you, depending on your eligibility, up to 1x per quarter (up to 4x per calendar year).
  • If you purchase Spartan+ after the ticket purchase, your start time will be guaranteed as long as the membership purchase is more than 10 days before the event. 

Please be aware, it can take up to 10 days to see your Spartan+ in your Spartan account if you purchased your membership during ticket registration.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your membership, you can do that by following the instructions here


Spartan+ is available for US races only.


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