Spartan+ Ticket Protection

Spartan+ Ticket Protection is a benefit of Spartan+ membership that allows members to commit to events with full confidence.

There are some things in this world that even Spartan grit and determination can’t overcome so we have created a program that means our members will not be stuck with a useless ticket to a canceled event.

As a Spartan+ member, if your event gets canceled or moved by Spartan, you may request a full refund of tickets, add-ons, and fees. It’s that simple. 

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What is it and what is covered?

  • If you are a Spartan+ member and we cancel your event without a rescheduled date we will refund your purchase. No action is necessary.
  • If we cancel the event and have rescheduled it, members may request a refund.
  • Valid only for Spartan event cancellations, not for any other participant reason such as injury or illness.
  • Covid-related Spartan event cancellations are covered.
  • Date change due to venue issues is covered and members may request a refund. 
  • Change of announced venue is covered. Venue announcement change from “TBD” to a specific venue is not covered. 
  • Local Vaccine requirements that prevent a racer from attending an event are not covered as this is out of the control of Spartan.
  • Included with Spartan+ annual, monthly, and memberships attached to Trifecta or Season pass. 
  • Must be a member on the date of the cancellation announcement to receive a refund.
  • Full-price purchasers will get their money back
  • Ticket add-ons (parking, iTab, etc.) are refunded
  • Ticket processing fees are refunded
  • Season or Trifecta Pass purchasers will get their transaction fees back (~$25)
  • Trifecta Pass purchaser’s codes will be reactivated and can be used to book another event of the same distance.
  • If you are a Spartan+ member and someone purchased a ticket for you, it’s not covered. 
  • If a member purchases multiple tickets then all tickets purchased are covered.
  • Transfers to an event that is later canceled are covered. No refund of the transfer fee ($35).
  • If your heat does not run due to extreme weather or the day-of cancellation by Spartan, members can be refunded.
  • If your heat starts but does not complete due to extreme weather, you can be refunded. Racers must request a refund in their account. 
  • Groupon purchases are not paid to or refunded by Spartan. However, tickets purchased with a Groupon voucher will have fees and add-ons refunded. Refunds on the Groupon voucher can be requested by contacting Groupon directly.
  • Volunteers will have their codes reactivated to be used at a future race. 
  • Ticket Protection is not retroactive for events that have been rescheduled before 11/15/2021

How to use it

  1. Log into your Spartan account (Here's how!)
  2. On the EVENTS tab, find the event that has been rescheduled in your list of upcoming events
  3. Look for the section called Spartan+ Ticket Protection
  4. Read this section for the new date and or location of the event. 
  5. If you can still attend the event with the new date and/or time, no action is necessary. 
  6. If you cannot attend the new event click the Ticket Refund button
  7. Select the ticket(s) you purchased for which you would like a refund
  8. Confirm your selection. Caution, you cannot undo a refund request once it’s been submitted.
  9. You will receive an email confirming your refund request, and a confirmation when your refund has been processed.
  10. Members will have until 60 days after the eligible event to request a refund.

Read all the legal details of the full Spartan+ Ticket Protection policy here. 

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