Can I Transfer To Another Spartan race, Another Person, Or Both?

Spartan USA OCR Transfer Options

Sometimes, things happen, and you're just not able to make an event that you had planned. Not to worry, Spartan Race does allow you to defer your unused registration.


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Spartan Race (OCR) Transfer Process

Special Considerations

If you are attempting to transfer your 2024 OCR registration to a 2024 Trail registration, please contact for help. The same transfer fees will apply*. 


  • 30 Days To Transfer Your Registration: You have up to 30 days after your originally scheduled race to transfer to a new event. 
  • The option to defer will be taken offline WEDNESDAY prior to the event as all of the bibs for the race weekend need to be prepared. It will come back online by Wednesday after the event once we are able to verify the bibs that have not been used.
  • Hurricane Heat events can be transferred up until the MONDAY prior to the event. 
  • Kid's events can be deferred up to the Wednesday night prior to the event. 


  • To transfer your race, there will be a $35 transfer fee (not applicable for spectator passes or kid's races).
  • When you transfer your registration to a new event, a credit will be applied to the retail value of your ticket (at the time of purchase), including the add-on fees. When transferring, you will be responsible for any difference in price between the new race entry fee and your credit. 
    • If transferring to another person, the new racer will be responsible for any difference in price as well as processing and add-on fees when registering for an event using your Transfer code. 
    • When you transfer out of an event, this does not guarantee that your exact time slot will be made available for other Spartans to register.  
  • Total - Upon checking out, the charges reflected will include the credit from your original price applied against the total of the new race entry fee. The remaining fees will include any remaining balance from your credit, the $35 transfer fee, the processing fees, and any applicable taxes. 
  • You will not be able to combine a transfer with any other coupons, offers, passes, or vouchers. 
  • The transfer credit is valid for single use on one registration. Any deferment credit remaining after you sign up for the new event will be forfeited. It cannot be used for future events or merchandise.  
  • Due to the unique nature of the Agoge, we are unable to offer a refund or future race credit under any circumstance.
  • At this time, you can only transfer your race to another Spartan event within the US. 

Spartan Race (OCR) Transfer Process: 

Transfer Yourself To a New Race:

  1. Log into your Spartan Account
    • Note: Transfers can only be completed by the "Purchaser" of the ticket. 
  2. Find the race you would like to transfer, click the 3 dots on the right and click Switch To A Different Event.
  3. You will then be directed to a page that lists all the events we currently have open for registration. Use the "SEARCH EVENTS" box at the top to locate the event you want to transfer into.
  4. Select the new event.
  5. You will then be taken to a page that lists the event you are transferring INTO at the TOP and the event you are transferring OUT OF at the BOTTOM.
  6. Click "CHANGE" next to the event you are transferring OUT OF at the BOTTOM:B48.png
  7. Choose your desired time block (Elite, Age Group, Morning, or Afternoon). Note, you will only be able to transfer into heats that are not sold out. 
  8. Remember to join/create any desired teams for the new race and select your new preferred start time. 
  9. Enter your initials for the new waiver. 
  10. Click "Update Information" at the bottom. 
    1. (PLEASE NOTE: You will see a notice that says "You haven't selected any tickets to change!" This notice will disappear once you click "UPDATE INFORMATION"):B412A.pngB412B.png
  11. The charges for the change will appear. Enter your payment information. 
  12. After completing the payment, you will be entered into the new race!


Transfer to a Another Person OR Transferring Post Race:

  1. Log into your Spartan Account.
    • Note: Transfers can only be completed by the "Purchaser" of the ticket. 
  2. Select the race you would like to transfer. Find the race you would like to transfer, click the 3 dots on the right and click Transfer Ticket
  3. Select Yes (Transfer this ticket)
  4. Enter the email address of the person you would like to transfer to.
    1. If you are transferring yourself you can enter your own email address.
    2. Please ensure there are no typos. 
  5. You will then pay the $35 transfer fee (including a service fee). 
  6. Upon completing the payment, a confirmation email with the transfer race code will be sent to the email address you provided. 
  7. They will use that code when signing up for their desired race in the coupon code section. 
  8. Transfer codes are only valid for 90 days from the date issued
  9. They will be responsible for any difference in price and any processing/add-on fees (if applicable). 

Special Considerations

  1. Trifecta Pass Registrations - If you signed up for a race with a Trifecta Pass, you will need to contact Customer Support at for help deferring your race. You can only transfer to a race of the same distance (Sprint to Sprint, Super to Super, or Beast to Beast). Standard timelines and pricing (listed above) apply. 
  2. Volunteer Registrations - If you signed up for a race with a volunteer code and need to transfer, please email
  3. Trail Registrations - If you are registered for a Trail race and need to Transfer your registration please see this link HERE.
  4. Groupons - If you signed up with a Groupon voucher, your race is not eligible to be transferred. More information on that can be found here
  5. Season Passes - Registrations completed with your Season Pass cannot be transferred to future events or to other racers.
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