Obstacle Completion Survey

After your race, you will have the option to fill out an obstacle completion survey so that you can see how you stacked up against the field.

To fill out the survey:

 1. Log in to your Spartan account

2. Click on “Results” on the left side of your screen under “Your name”.

3. Click on the race you want to fill out the survey for


4. Once you click on the race, scroll down until you see the obstacle survey.

5. If you successfully completed an obstacle, click the checkmark. If you didn’t complete the obstacle, click the cross (X). 


The percentages which you see listed on the obstacles are the percentage of racers who reported completing that obstacle on that day.

Please note that the “Obstacles” count on your account is based on the total number of obstacles that you report as “Completed” across all of your races. So if your account is showing 0 obstacles, then that means you haven’t filled out any obstacle completion surveys yet.

Please also note that races prior to 2021 did not have a survey and those races will not count towards the “Obstacle” total on your account.

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