Where do I find my Results?

Want to check out your results from your race? Follow the steps below.

Option 1:

1. Log in to your Spartan account

2. Click on “Results” on the left side of your screen under “Your name”

2. Your result will be listed under the “Results and Photos” heading


4. If you click on that result, you should see a prompt to upload a photo for a facial recognition search of the photos. For more detailed instructions please visit Spartan Photos FAQ. 

Please Note: Option 1 will only work if you have a Spartan Account and your ticket was NOT manually claimed by a purchaser. If you do not qualify for the above then please follow OPTION 2 below.

Option 2: 

1. Head over to our Results page

2. Select a race you have run under “Past Races”

3. Select the Day and Category you have run from the drop-down menu




4. Enter your BIB number or your name in the search box




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