Last Minute Registration Questions

I registered within two weeks of the event, and I have some questions!

What happens if the start time I need to register for is sold out?

Unfortunately, we can't help you get signed up for a sold-out start time.  Allowing racers to register for sold-out start times would overcrowd our heats, cause bottlenecks on the course, and become a safety issue.

However, if you join a team during registration and you register for the same time block (Competitive, Early Morning,  or Open) as that team, you will be grouped into the same start time as the team.

More information regarding team start times can be found here: Team Registration and Start Times

If you are not joining a team, our staff at the Race Day Registration Tent may be able to help you get your time changed, but it is unlikely they will be able to accommodate requests to move into sold-out start times.  Also, you will be responsible for any difference in price at the time of the upgrade.

I registered on Thursday or Friday before the event, where do I find my start time and bib number?

Registration is now open for most events until 5:00 PM EST on Friday before the race weekend.

If you register on the Thursday or Friday before the race weekend your start time will not be assigned until Saturday Morning. For information on how to find your start time once it has been assigned please check out this FAQ. 

We cannot guarantee any specific start time, but we can guarantee that you will start your race within your chosen time block (Competitive, Early Morning, or Open). 

If you cannot find your start time don't panic! Our Registration Staff members can help you the morning of the race at the Race Day Registration tent. 

Registration is closed, how do use my Groupon voucher?

Don't panic.  You can still register for the event, but you'll need to do so at the venue.

Please arrive at least 90 minutes before you plan on running.  You'll need to bring a copy of your voucher, your photo ID, and cash or credit for the add-on fees. 

Proceed to the Race Day Registration Tent and our staff will help you get signed up. Assigned start times will be based on availability. 

Most third-party vouchers are only applicable to the Open time block, so if you plan on running in an earlier time block, you will need to pay the upgrade fee at the time of registration. Movement into earlier time blocks is subject to space availability.

More information regarding third-party vouchers can be found here: How do I use a Groupon?

Where can I find other important race information?

You can find all relevant race information on the event page or in the Race Day Program. The Race Day Program will be posted under the "Important Race Documents" the week of the race. 



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    Gina G-Kelly

    I had my entry fee transferred from the SO Cal reschedule race in Jan 18th to the Salt Lake City 27 of June and my start time is at 9:45am and I'm waiting an earlier start time because of the heat. What can I do to get an earlier one along with my friend Jennifer Stone? Thank you and Dallas was super fun, my first one in a stadium, thank for the awesome experience. I took loads of photos.
    Sincerely Gina G-Kelly

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    Bailey Miller

    So the breckenridge beast and super is the 27-28 of August. If I sign up on the 26th will I still be able to race if there are spots still available. I'm looking to do the earliest time in the open for the beast and 11:15 for the sprint. I work as a substitute and only get paid once a month on the 25 of the months. Thank you in advance! Bailey Miller

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