How do I register for a Spartan race or claim my tickets?

To register for an event :

  1. Head over to the Spartan website
  2. Find or search for a race you want to participate in by clicking on the Find Race button at the top right of the page.
  3. Select the race location, distance, and Start Block you would like to participate in (prices will vary). 

  4. Create a free Spartan Account or Sign in

  5. Select the number of tickets you need (for you and your friends!) and pay to reserve them. 
  6. After payment, you'll see a confirmation page that directs you to your Spartan Account. 
    Click the "ASSIGN TICKETS" button to head to our Spartan Account to assign your purchased tickets to yourself or your friends
    (You MUST log into your Spartan Account and assign your purchased ticket, even if you only purchased one for yourself!)

  7. Look for the Events tab in your Spartan Account, where you'll see all of your purchased tickets listed. Choose the red "Add Athlete" button to assign tickets to yourself or your friends.
    You'll see the red "unclaimed" note on each ticket if you have not yet assigned it to a participant.

  8. Once your tickets are all assigned, you'll see a green "CLAIMED" status, with the participant's name on each ticket.



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