Coach Guided Heats

We are excited to announce that coach Guided Heats will be offered at select events in 2024!

Please see the information below about this special heat:
  • Guided Heats will be scheduled for the first open heat of the day at the selected 2024 events. 
    • After the early morning/premium heats have started.
  • Guided heats will move at a moderate pace. No racer is left behind!
  • The slowest racers will be encouraged to challenge themselves to keep this pace on track
  • In addition to the regular price and fees for the event, there will be a $30 add-on fee for Guided Heats.
  • After you check in on race day each participant will receive an “identifier” that will indicate they are a part of the Guided Heat.
    • These will be provided by the coach
    • This will help the coach to easily identify his or her group while on the course.
  • Participants may stay with the coach throughout the entirety of the race or they can choose to leave the group at any point. 
  • If you purchase a Guided Heat you will be sent an additional email the week before the event with information on where to meet your coach on race day. 

For any additional questions regarding the Guided Heats please email

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