What is a Spartan Stadion Event?

Okay... be honest, did you just mistype Stadium?

NO! Stadion was a prestigious ancient running event and the name for the arena where it took place. We only felt it was right to honor this during our modern-day version of the event. Thus, the Spartan Stadion event was born.

How are these events the same/different than the outdoor events?

There are just a few differences:

  • The burpee penalty for a failed obstacle is 15 burpees
  • These events are considered a time trial event. This means the winner is determined by chip time, not gun time. Simply put: as long as you start in the right heat and you run the fastest - you win, even if you are not the first to cross the finish line.
  • There will be no fire, mud, or water obstacles.
  • You can expect to find some obstacles - unique to our Stadion events - on the course

The rest of the key Spartan event components are the same:

  • You still get a finisher medal and shirt, headband, post-race beer, sponsor goodies, etc.
  • You will still have access to plenty of photos to share on social media.

Will these events still count as a Sprint for a Trifecta?

Yes! You will get a Sprint wedge piece, along with the unique Stadion event medal.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

As you will not be encountering mud or water or crazy mountains, normal running shoes work great here. If you need help finding a good pair, you can find some right in our online store.

I have never done anything like this before, how do I know I am ready?

Don’t worry! 50% of our Stadion racers are first-time racers just like you. This is a perfect event for you to get that first medal (and hopefully not your last). We also have plenty of resources to help you get ready once you sign up!

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