How do I find my start time and barcode?

Start times are assigned and posted 10-14 days prior to the event in your Spartan Account.

OCR Start Times

To find your start time:

1. Log into your Spartan Account

2. Select the Events tab

3. Choose your desired race

4. Click View Tickets - This will pull up your race ticket with your start time and bar code, bring this with you on race day




Trail Start Times

Official Start Times will be assigned 10 days prior to the event and can be located in your Ticket Socket Account.

To find your assigned start time:

1. Log into your Ticket Socket Account

2. Make Sure to use the same email address that you registered with to log in to Ticket Socket

3. Once in your account click the My Account tab on the left of the page:




4. Locate your event (you may need to select the "ALL" tab at the top right of your page) and change the drop-down option from "Order" to your actual order number"

5. When you change the drop-down box to show your order number the "TICKETS" tab will populate in a big red box: 



6. Click the Tickets tab and your barcode and start time will populate: 



NOTE: If you are having issues locating your start time please make sure you are using the same email you used to register for the event.

If you signed up within 14 days of the event, your name and start time will not be posted until the Friday before the event. 

If you signed up Thursday or Friday before the event, your name and start time will not be posted online and you will need to visit us on race day for this info. 

JR Spartan Racers (Kids Race) details will not be posted here for safety reasons. You will choose their start times during registration and their bib numbers will be assigned to them on race day when they check-in.

Volunteer Start times: If you are volunteering at this event, your name will not be posted. You should get your start time from the volunteer coordinator in an email sent to you a few days prior to the race. Additionally, if you volunteered at a prior event and signed up using your voucher, your time might be delayed and not posted until the Friday before the event. 

There are also no bibs posted for the Hurricane Heat or the HH12HR. If you just signed up for one of those events, your name will not be posted on the "Racer Start Times & Bibs" list. Keep an eye out for an email from our team on the Thursday before the event letting you know when and where to meet (You don't want to be late). 


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