What should I wear?

While you can wear almost anything we have a few suggestions:

  • Avoid cotton whenever possible.
  • Trail running shoes and lightweight apparel that drains well; remember, it's likely you will be soaking wet and/or muddy.
  • Check the weather for race day and dress accordingly. 
  • New shoes on race day are NOT recommended. Race in what you train in. 
  • Remember this is a family event, and indecent clothing should be reconsidered. 

Some of our Elite heats will have a dress code, and these events will be posted at least 10 days beforehand in the athlete guide. For these events, we will require that those entering the start corral for the professional Elite wave wear sensible athletic wear designed for running or trails.

You are representing the future of the sport, and it is being covered as a professional sport so costumes will not be allowed in the Elite wave.

We do understand costumes have been a part of this sports birth and good nature, but, aiming for Olympic inclusion, we need to have a more professional presentation for our competitive racers.

Most sports have a dress code for press reasons.

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