What is a Hurricane Heat?

Getting ready to tackle a Hurricane Heat? Here are a few things you may want to know:


Will I do the same course as a Sprint or Super?

Very unlikely. We like to mix things up with the Hurricane Heat and having you simply do the course would prevent you from having an exciting and unique experience.

Are there Hurricane Heats beyond Spartan Race sites?

Yes, we now have stand-alone Hurricane Heats. These events may be held at locations and on dates other than those held on a Spartan Race weekend. Keep an eye on the schedule for one coming to your area.

Can I pick my team?
No. The Krypteia (the event leaders) want to get you out of your comfort zone. Your teams will mostly be chosen at random. This way, you always meet someone new.
Can I do it with my friend?

Of course! Bring out as many of your friends as you can. We won’t guarantee you’ll all be on the same team, but we can promise you’ll get one crazy experience that you can all laugh about after!
What if I go and I don’t know anyone there?

Spartans are very welcoming. You’ll make new friends so quickly, you’ll forget you even asked this question.

The Hurricane Heat is at 5 pm with a 4 pm check-in. Can I do the Sprint/Super/Beast beforehand?

If the Hurricane Heat is taking place on the same weekend as a Spartan race at the same location, then absolutely! The only thing stopping you is you. Go out there and get after it.

Will it count towards my Trifecta?

The Hurricane Heat and all Endurance Events are a separate series from the Sprint, Super, and Beast. The Hurricane Heat does not count towards the Race Trifecta. Hurricane Heats have its own Trifecta comprising of a Hurricane Heat, a Hurricane Heat 12-Hour event, and a Hurricane Heat 24-Hour event. Complete all three levels and earn a Hurricane Heat Trifecta.
How far do you have to run?

As far as the Krypteia tells you to. There is no set distance. You'll find out when you get there.

Do I have to bring equipment?

Yes, there is a gear list. You can expect to receive it the week of the event. It will also be available in the "Video" section on the main Hurricane Heat Facebook page. 

Will I get wet like on a Spartan Racecourse?
Very likely, the Krypteia tend to have an affinity for taking dips in the rolling mud and taking advantage of water obstacles. They also enjoy the occasional hydro-burpee (that’s what they call burpees in water). It is a great idea to keep dry clothes and a large towel in your car for after the event.

What if I can’t run fast or lift heavy items as well as other people?

The Hurricane Heat is a team event. Your team will have to work together to finish the objective in the time allotted or face the penalty. Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out.

I heard that it’s military-based. I don’t have a military background. Will that count against me?
There are certainly many military aspects that have come out in the Hurricane Heats but not having a military background will not have any effect on your participation in the event. This is a Hurricane Heat, not a military boot camp.

Can I do a Hurricane Heat even if I’ve never done a Spartan Race?

You most certainly can! Some of our Krypteia even had their very first Spartan experience at a Hurricane Heat before they even set foot on the Spartan course.

How long does Hurricane Heat last?

Hurricane Heats are 4 hours long. Hurricane Heat 12 Hours are just that, 12 hours long.

Can I use the Season Pass for the HH?

Yes, the 2022 Season Passes include access to all 4-Hour Hurricane Heats.
The 12 or 24-hour Hurricane Heats and Agoge events are not included.

Will there be photos so I can post them on Facebook?

Pictures are never promised at a Hurricane Heat. Any that are taken will be posted on the official Spartan Endurance Facebook page.
Although all events are different, generally what percent is a team, and what percent is individual?

This will vary greatly from each event. How much you put into the event on an individual basis is ultimately up to you. How hard you push yourself and your team is up to you. Whether it’s a team challenge or an individual challenge, you’re there to push yourself.
Are there general items on the gear list that never change?


  • All athletes MUST wear a black shirt without logos. 
  • 1 Headlamp (per person). It may be dark.
  • 1 Black Sharpie Marker (per athlete)
  • 2 Chem lights
  • 1 Camelback, backpack, or ruck. You must be able to carry your own water supply.
  • 3 Liters of water in bottles or a hydration bladder.
  • 4 Salt/electrolyte packets. If you start to cramp up, eat the packets and drink some water.
  • 2-4 energy gel shots or energy bars, or 500 calories of nutrition. (Enough calories to sustain you for 4 hours).
  • 1 roll of duct tape
  • 50 feet of Paracord 550
  • Multi-tool or a pocket knife
  • Additional items may vary from this general list

What happens if I have a long-term injury or condition that means I can’t do a specific exercise or task?

You can either modify the exercise or in some cases, you may need to rely on your teammates to help you figure out a solution that is accepted by the Krypteia.

Is there a weight requirement to carry in your gear?

It depends on the event. Expect to carry weight. 

What’s the biggest difference between a HH and a HH12HR?

The Hurricane Heat is focused primarily on teamwork and the fourth line of the Warrior Ethos, I will never leave a fallen comrade. The Hurricane Heat 12 Hour or HH12 sets a standard and helps determine who is eligible for the Spartan Agoge. The event consists of team and individual challenges with a primary focus on the first line of the Warrior Ethos, I will always place the mission first.

What if I need to go to the bathroom?

Go before you start or make it quick. The event does not have a Pause button. We keep moving. If you need to dip off into the woods or into a porta-potty, you better make it fast and always let a fellow Hurricane Heater and a Krypteia know should you decide to step away to take care of business. We don’t want to have to come looking for you.

Should I wear layered clothing and gloves? I am scared of the cold.

You’re probably going to get cold and wet at some point. More clothes may make you warmer, but they will also make you heavier (when wet). What you wear is up to you, just make sure you know yourself, your body, how your body handles certain situations, and come prepared.

Is there somewhere I can research past events or talk to people that have done it before?

Yes. On Facebook, there is a group made up of people that includes veterans of Hurricane Heat. Ask them for advice and they will help you.
I can’t find my city on the Hurricane Heat events. Will my city have a HH or HH12?

If you cannot see your city on the schedule, it means there isn’t one. There may be one being organized, but until Spartan gets all the information they need (land permits, legalities, red tape, etc), we cannot post a link or page that has a registration link on it.
To see where Hurricane Heat events are happening, click here.

I haven't had an email or been told what to bring! Help!
At a Hurricane Heat, there is a standard gear list (it's on this page), but there are usually special items included. On the Tuesday (usually) of the week of the event, you will be emailed a detailed list of instructions. Where to be, what time, what to bring. Everything you need is in that email. You may not receive that email until then.
Additionally, the Krypteia (the people leading the event), will often drop a courtesy video, too. They're helpful like that. You may see this video a couple of days before the email lands in your inbox.
Use the event page - this is where everyone meets, chats, and organizes before an event. You can find your Hurricane Heat event page by clicking here.

The Hurricane Heat is this weekend and I can't sign up. What's Wrong
Registration for the Hurricane Heat may be closed. At this time, we are not taking day-of registrations. 

Is there any way I can talk to the people who are going?
Absolutely. If you go to the Spartan Endurance Facebook page, you will see the option "Events". Click on that and scroll to your event. On that page, you'll find people new to the event, veterans of the Hurricane Heat with advice, and even the Krypteia. Go there for help if you need it.

How old do you have to be to participate?

ALL Endurance Events (HH, HH12, HH24, Agoge) require you to be 18 to participate.

Can I Transfer my Hurricane Heat to a future event? 

Hurricane Heat events can be transferred up until the MONDAY prior to the event. Transfers for Hurricane Heats are not allowed after the Monday BEFORE the event weekend. 


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