2024 Spartan Championships & Series

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Championship Categories:

At every tier of a championship event (National, Regional, and World Championships) there are two level of championship:

  • Pro Championship Heat - Requires qualification to participate (see below for criteria)
  • Age Group Championship Heats - Available to all competitive category racers
  • Open Open/non competitive heat races are typically available alongside championship events, but are not considered championships

2024 National Championships

National Series are between 1-3 events, with no more than one each Sprint, Super, and Beast distances.

Pan American Region

  • United States National Series
  • Canadian National Series
  • Mexican National Series

European Region

  • France National Series
  • UK Regional Series
  • Spain National Series 
  • Italy National Series
  • German-Austria Regional Series
  • Southern European Series
  • Hungary National Series
  • Czech Republic National Series
  • Slovakia National Series
  • Switzerland National Series

APAC Region

  • Philippine National Series
  • China National Series
  • Australian National Championship
  • Taiwan National Championship
  • Singapore National Championship
  • Malaysian National Championship


National Series Points Structure

All National Series of 2 or more races will use a simple points system to rank racers. The racer with the most points in their respective category at the end of the series will be the series winner.

The same points system will be used for both Pro Championship and Age Group Championship races; however, points are not transferable between categories.







2024 Regional Championships

Regional Championship weekends consist of a 3K Short Course championship and a Beast championship

  • Pan American Championships
  • European Championships
  • APAC Championships

Qualifying for Championship Events

Racers can qualify for the Pro Championship Heat at a given tier through the following criteria:

  • National Series Race - Top 3 overall finish in the Competitive category of any 2024 race or a Top 15 Elite heat finish in 2023
  • Regional Championship - Top 20 Finish in the Pro Championship heat at any 2024 National Series race
  • World Championship* - Top 50 Finish in the Pro Championship heat at any 2024 Regional Championship race

Qualification is not required for Age Group championship heats.

*Excludes Trifecta World Championships and Ultra World Championships; see specific qualifying criteria for these unique events, below.


Qualifying for the Trifecta World Championship:

All racers (Pro, Age Group and Open) must complete at least 1 Trifecta in 2023 or 2024. For more information on the Trifecta please see the Trifecta FAQ.

Racers  can register for the event prior to earning their Trifecta, but must complete it prior to October 30th, 2024. Anyone signed up for this event who has not completed a TRIFECTA will be removed from Trifecta World Championship ranking WITHOUT a refund on November 1st, 2023. By committing to this event, you are committing to completing TRIFECTA prior to the event. 


Qualifying for the Ultra World Championships:

All racers may earn a qualifying spot for the Ultra World Championships by finishing a Spartan Ultra as a competitor (Competitive or Open category) in the 2024 year. There is a limit of 500 slots available. 

A priority invitation will be sent to all 2023 Ultra finishers and World’s Toughest Mudder finishers (7 laps/35 mile minimum) so they can secure their slot early for the UWC 2024. Other qualified athletes are free to register in the remaining slots.

Top finishers at Ultra races in the (2023) Elite or (2024) Competitive categories will be invited to the Pro Championship Heat at the discretion of Spartan HQ.

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