What Kids Race obstacles can my racer expect?

Stadium events will not include any water or mud obstacles; all other events racers can expect water and mud obstacles.

Half mile racers can expect to climb, crawl, traverse, and spear throw their way through our half mile course.  This course is developmentally appropriate for racers as young as 4 years old.
Suggested age range is 4-6yrs.

One mile racers will complete all of the obstacles of the half mile course along with additional obstacles like a slip wall, traverse wall, sand bag carry, and inverted wall; scaled down in size from our adult course.  Suggested age range is 7-9yrs.

Two mile racers will complete all of the obstacles of the half mile and one mile course along with additional heavy carries, 7’ walls, and a rope climb. Required age range is 10-13yrs.

Two mile competitive racers will complete the two mile course with obstacle attempts mandatory and 15 burpee penalties for all failed obstacles.  Two mile competitive racers will compete for awards, including a podium ceremony, and photo ops with the adult Elite racers.

Please consider the obstacles included in the race distance you choose for your racer. Many children can run two miles but may not be physically ready to complete the heavy carries or higher obstacles included in the two mile event.

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