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In 2022 we will be removing the Prize Money for the Elite heat from select Spartan events. While we are reducing the number of Elite heats with prize money in 2022, the prize money from those events will go towards increasing both the individual and overall prizes for the brand new North American Elite series, compared to the prior year's elite series.

For heats without prize money, we will still be offering a podium, qualifications for the championship events, and delta awards. 

We will also be providing "non-cash" prize packages for the overall 2022 USNS Age Group series, which is a brand new offering from Spartan.

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2022 Events with Elite Prize Money

(Schedule is accurate as of 1/26/22. Please see for the most up to date schedule)

Race Sat. Date Saturday   Sun. Date Sunday
SOCAL 1 1/29/22 Super   1/30/22 Sprint
ARIZONA 2/26/22 Super   2/27/22 Sprint
JACKSONVILLE 2/26/22 Super   2/27/22 Sprint
ATLANTA 3/19/22 Super   3/20/22 Sprint
SAN ANTONIO 3/26/22 Super   3/27/22 Sprint
SAN DIEGO 4/2/22 Sprint      
CITI FIELD 4/9/22 Stadion      
PALM BEACHES 4/23/22 Sprint      
TRI-STATE NJ 1 4/30/22 Beast      
MONTANA TRIFECTA 5/7/22 Ultra   5/8/22 Super
WASHINGTON DC STADIUM 5/21/22 Stadion      
MONTEREY 6/4/22 Super   6/5/22 Sprint
TRI-STATE NY 6/11/22 Sprint      
AT&T STADIUM 6/18/22 Stadion      
PALMERTON 7/9/22 Super   7/10/22 Sprint
MICHIGAN 7/16/22 Super   7/17/22 Sprint
LOS ANGELES STADIUM 7/23/22 Stadion      
ASHEVILLE 7/30/22 Super   7/31/22 Sprint
NEW ENGLAND 8/13/22 Super   8/14/22 Sprint
VERMONT 9/10/22 Beast   9/11/22 Sprint
TRI-STATE NJ 2 TRIFECTA 10/1/22 Ultra   10/2/22 Super
DALLAS 10/22/22 Beast   10/23/22 Sprint
SAN JOSE 11/12/22 Super   11/13/22 Sprint
BOSTON STADIUM 11/12/22 Stadion      
CAROLINAS 11/19/22 Beast   11/20/22 Sprint
LOS ANGELES 12/10/22 Sprint      


How do I get paid, if I win?

(NEW and improved process for 2022!) Within 1 week following an Event weekend, Spartan will verify race results and Elite category winners, and begin processing prize money. 
If you win, one of the following options will apply:

  1. This is your first time winning Prize Money! (Congrats!)
    • Within 30 days of your event, you will receive an invite to Spartan's secure payment vendor The subject line will read “Spartan Race, Inc wants to pay you.” (or similar). This is a legitimate invite, for security software that we use internally to pay a number of invoices. This invite will go to the email address you used to register for the event.
    • Accept the Invite from and create your account. You will be prompted to fill in your account information for electronic payment (or you may opt for a paper check if you prefer). This account information is secure, protected with end-to-end encryption, and not visible to Spartan, for your privacy. Please note, that you should “I’m an Independent Contractor” during your account setup.
    • Sit back and wait for your payment! Within 2-3 months of creating your account, Spartan will send the prize money payment(s) owed to you, to the account information that you provided during your account setup.

  2. If you've won prize money previously in 2022:
    • No action required! Since you would have previously created a account/profile with your payment information, there's nothing further you need to do.
    • Sit back and wait for your payment! Your payment will be processed to the payment information in your profile within 90 days of the event. 

You will only be asked to do this account set up once, although you are free to update your information anytime you need to. This means that if you’re a frequent face on the podium, you won’t need to email in, submit any paperwork, or do anything other than creating your account one time. After that, we’ll have your details on file and just be able to automatically pay you after each race win!

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