Spartan Instant Refund (Returnly Credit)

During the return process, select orders may be eligible for an Instant Refund. This manifests as a gift card that you can use to make another purchase right away, without having to wait for your return to process.

If you'd just prefer your refund, please disregard the credit and sent your items back as normal – your refund will process as soon as we receive your return back.


If you lose your credit code, simply re-enter the Returns Center and load up your order. You can copy your credit again from there.

Opting to use the credit will void the refund, and once your refund is processed, the credit is canceled, so you have up until your return is received to decide which you'd like to receive.


*If you are not eligible for the instant refund, exchange eligibility may also be void. You may still make a return for a refund.

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