Claim Race Entry and Change Claim Email in Spartan Account


In the US Spartan Registration system, you have the option to add a registration for a friend or family member and invite them to claim the ticket after you check out. For full information on how to register a ticket for your friend, family, or team member please check out the Pre-Paid Team Entries & Team Discounts FAQ


To claim a ticket that was sent to you:

1) Log in to Spartan Account

2) Click events on the left of the page

3) Select the race you were sent a claim invitation for

4) Click "Claim Ticket"

5) Fill out your information and then click the "Update" tab at the very bottom of the page


If you sent a claim ticket to an incorrect email:

1) Log into your Spartan Account

2) Locate your purchased event

3) Click the three small dots next to your name or registered person race entry

4) Click Change information

5) You will be taken to a new screen and will see the tab "Claim" on the left-hand side of the page

6) Press "View Recipients"

7) Change button will appear next to the email address of the person you sent the claim invitation to. You can now enter the correct email address and resend




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