Virtual Race Common Questions

This article addresses the most common questions for the Spartan Virtual Races being held in November 2020, including questions on submitting results! 

1) How do I download my GPX file? 
We are unable to troubleshoot your particular fitness tracker, but if you log into your Spartan Account, choose the "Events" on the left side and select the distance you're trying to submit (Sprint/Super/Beast), you will see all the instructions from all the supported fitness trackers. Please review these instructions for how to obtain a GPX file from your tracker.
For quick reference, you can find instructions for Garmin here (but many other instruction sets by logging into your Spartan Account). 

We cannot accept manual submissions. You MUST submit a GPX file and you MUST upload it successfully through your Spartan Account. It must meet the minimum criteria. 
Customer service is unable to merge GPX files, upload on your behalf, or enter anything manually. 

2) I am getting an error saying I did not meet the required distance

If you are getting a "distance" error when trying to submit your file to Spartan: You may have had an "auto pause" feature enabled on your tracker, and/or when you downloaded the data the software cleaned up the the GPS data for you, resulting in slightly less distance (which may have put you under the necessary distance requirement). 
To check this:

  • Download your original GPX file
  • Upload your GPX file to Strava (you can create a free account if you don't have one)
  • Verify that the time/distance is what you expect. If it is, download a new GPX file from Strava and upload that to Spartan. 
  • For more information on the distance error, please review this article from Strava
  • To ensure you meet the distance, we suggest running .3-.5 miles longer than the minimum distance requirements. 

3) I am having trouble downloading the GPX file from my mobile device

DOWNLOAD the GPX file onto a computer/desktop - not a mobile device. Many customers are reporting issues downloading to/from a mobile device, so we do not recommend this, at this time. 

4) I couldn't submit my results but purchased the Upgrade Kit, how can I get it?

If you purchased a VTWC Upgrade Kit (shirt, medal, etc.), don't worry - even if you're unable to submit your results for any reason, we'll still send you your swag! These are expected to ship around 11/15. 

5) I could not submit my results on time, now what?

Unfortunately we cannot accept any late submissions. The schedule for submissions is:

  • Trifecta Weekend: November 6th - November 9th
  • We will also accept submissions from November 10th - November 15th (11:59PM EST). Please note these submissions will not count towards the Virtual Trifecta Championship Weekend and a new race would need to be completed between these dates. 
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