Commit Now, Pay Later: Race for $1 Down

We're launching a new way to secure a spot at the start line without the upfront commitment. Pay only $1 when you register for any 2020 Sprint, Super, Beast or Ultra (Age Group and Morning categories only). Then, 15 days before race day, we’ll charge you the rest of the balance. Lock in your spot at any event, stress-free.

Here's what you need to know:



Is it really just $1?

If you choose the Commit Now, Pay Later option, you will only be charged $1 at the time that you register. 15 days before your event we will charge the remaining cost of the registration - which will include your registration fee, participant insurance fee, parking/bag check fee, any applicable taxes and processing fee - just like a regular registration. Don't worry, we'll send you a few reminders before we charge it!

Can I use my deferral/free race/volunteer/military/etc. code?

No. You can not use ANY code of ANY sort for the Commit Now, Pay Later, $1 registration. You will not see a "promo code" or "coupon code" box to use during the $1 registration. 
Season Passes, Trifecta Passes, etc. are also ineligible for this promotion.

If you have a code, discount or pass that you'd like to use, please proceed through regular registration, as usual, by selecting your category (Elite, Age Group, Morning, Afternoon) from the Event Page. 

How do I register for $1?

To register for the Commit Now, Pay Later option, look for the category under the usual pricing options on any eligible event page. Follow the prompts to complete registration!



What if my race is cancelled?

If your race is cancelled, your $1 deposit will be refunded to you.
(Please see Full Terms and Conditions for additional information.)


What if I change my mind? Do I get my $1 back?

If you register for a race and opt into the Commit Now, Pay Later deal, you will have the option of withdrawing your entry. However:

  • You must withdraw your entry prior to the announced date of the final charge
    (15 days prior to race day)
  • Your $1+ fees deposit will be forfeit - you will not receive a refund. 
  • If you do need to withdraw your entry, please contact customer service ( to request this change.


How do I know how much my total payment will be, prior to race day?

Your total payment amount can be located a number of ways:
1) You will see your total payment amount, when you select your time block during registration

2) Your confirmation email, sent to you directly after completing registration, will also show this "final charge" number. 
3) You may Log In to your Spartan Tickets account and view your orders (with this information) at any time.
4) Prior to charging your card on file the remaining amount, Spartan will send reminder emails to alert you to the exact payment date and charge amount.


Can I register multiple people?

No. If you are registering through our Commit Now, Pay Later option, you may only purchase one registration at a time. You will not be able to register multiple people in a single transaction. 

Can I register for Elite, Age Group or Open?

You may use our Commit Now, Pay Later option to register for Age Group or Open heats only.
You may not register for Elite heats using the Commit Now, Pay Later option at this time.

What races are eligible for this $1 deal?

All US 2020 Sprint, Super, Beast or Ultra events will have this Commit Now, Pay Later option available.


Full Terms & Conditions (The Fine Print)

**** SPECIAL COVID-19 PANDEMIC PRICING – Through December 31, 2020, and applicable exclusively to 2020 U.S. Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super, Spartan Beast, and Spartan Ultra Events only (not applicable to Spartan Trail, Spartan Kids, Hurricane Heat, Agoge, DEKAFIT, Tough Mudder or Workout Tour events), Participant may remit $1.00 (US) as an initial payment (the “COVID-19 Event Registration Fee”) for the purpose of reserving a spot in any given race. Participant will automatically be charged the Total Event Fees fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the Event unless Spartan, in its sole discretion, cancels the Event. The "Total Event Fees" include: a) a registration fee to participate in the Event (the “Event Registration Fee”), b) a fee related to medical reimbursement coverage for injuries related to your participation in the Event (the “Mandatory Administrative and Insurance Fee”), c) a fee covering parking and/or shuttle services, event cancellation coverage, merchandise discount and/or bag check services (the “Mandatory Service Bundle Fee”), (d) a processing fee related to use of the TicketSocket registration platform, and (e) any applicable taxes. For purposes of calculating Participant’s Total Event Fees, the Event Registration Fee charged to Participant shall be the price listed for the Event (and Open, Age Group, or Elite heat of that Event) upon Participant’s payment of the COVID-19 Event Registration Fee (the “Initial Registration Date”), not any Event price which may have been advertised prior to the Initial Registration Date or which may be applied after the Initial Registration Date.
The COVID-19 Event Registration Fee is only refundable if Spartan cancels the Event.  Participant is not entitled to any refund once Participant is charged the Total Event Fees, except as expressly set forth in the Spartan Event Terms of Purchase

Spartan may change any fees included in the Total Event Fees for an Event at any time without notice.  Events have a limited capacity, therefore Event Registration for popular Events may sell out quickly. Event Registration Fees may vary depending upon geographic market, availability, race heat type (e.g., Elite, Open, Age Group or other), venue requirements and/or regulations.  Spartan may change such Event Registration Fees at any time without notice.  Event date and time are subject to change.  



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