Spartan Virtual Race 2.0 Upgrade Pre-Orders

Spartan Virtual Race Upgrade 2.0 kits are pre-orders estimated to ship by 8/15, with delivery expected in late August/Early September in the United States and Early-Mid September internationally. 

The Trifecta bundle includes a Medal Display, which may ship in advance of the medals and tees in some cases. 

Virtual Race Upgrade kits can be pre-ordered in both the US and International Shops:

Virtual Race Upgrade Kits for the US

Virtual Race Upgrade Kits for the Global Shop

*US kits include a Sponsor box, unavailable internationally due to the inclusion of perishables. Sponsor boxes include a random assortment of products from Honey Stinger, Gone Rogue, FITAID, Adrenaline Shoc and more.






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