Unbreakable 24 Virtual Event

The Unbreakable 24, presented by Darn Tough, is a celebration of human potential. In the spirit of Spartan’s most difficult and insane races, this challenge turns to the virtual realm where a brutal 24HR format in the midst of global confinement will determine who is worthy of the title “unbreakable”. Take part, or watch the madness unfold online live on YouTube and Spartan social media. Either way, prepare to “confine in hell” this Saturday.

What is it?

Join Spartan CEO Joe De Sena and friends for the ultimate virtual challenge. You’ll be assigned specific mental and physical challenges throughout a 24 hour period ("Event"); complete them (all on live stream) and move on, or drop out and receive a DNF. 

Who will be the last Spartan standing? Are YOU #Unbreakable?


The Event starts Saturday May 2nd at 3pm EDT (GMT-4) and concludes on Sunday May 3rd at 3pm EDT.

The official timekeeping platform of the competition is 


This Event is open to everyone ("Competitors") and is free.

Registration is required for the Event through this link, which will be open until Saturday, May 2 at 2:55pm EDT. There will be a maximum 1000 spots available. 

Prior to the Event, an event-specific Zoom link and password will be sent to all Competitors via the email used to register. 

The name on your registration and the name on your Zoom account must match, or you will not be allowed into the Event. Plan accordingly.

Should the Event be full before a Competitor who wishes to take part can join, they may begin at 3pm with everyone else and view the live feed of the Event to keep track. They may post a comment in the live feed of the Event stating that they wish to enter (as long as they are completing the Event as everyone else), and they may be admitted should a spot become available, at Spartan’s discretion.

Unbreakable 24, presented by Darn Tough, Event Schedule:




Time of Day


Workout Tour with Joe




Virtual Sprint




Spartan Tea Break  / Dropout




Virtual Super




Spartan Tea Break  / Dropout




Virtual Beast




Spartan Tea Break  / Dropout




Virtual Ultra




Spartan Tea Break  / Dropout




Trail / La Ruta Run/Ride




Spartan Tea Break  / Dropout




Hurricane Heat




Spartan Tea Break  / Dropout




Death Race




Awards & Interviews



How it works - Video Live Stream:

  • To take part, a Competitor must live stream their entire attempt for as long as they intend to compete via the Zoom link provided. 
  • Each Competitor is strongly recommended they have a person to film them for the entirety of the Event. Video feeds that do not clearly show the Competitor completing the challenges will result in disqualification of that Competitor.
  • A break in any Competitor’s live transmission of more than 10 minutes will result in immediate disqualification.
  • A Competitor may quit (DNF) at any time by disconnecting their feed for more than 10 minutes. A Competitor dropping out should raise their hand to the camera to signal they are “out”.
  • Competitors who finish the Sprint, Super, and Beast shall earn virtual medals for each, and a virtual Trifecta medal for completing all three.
  • Each Competitor must be logged in and present with their camera turned on at the specified Zoom link at 1500 sharp on Saturday May 2nd. The channel will be locked at 1501, after which no person shall be allowed to enter via the lobby unless their connection is cut for 10 minutes or less.
  • Each Competitor should wear a Spartan item of clothing wherever possible.

How it works - Competition

  • The overall winners will be the last man and woman standing. In the event of more than one man and/or woman standing at the end of the Event, a further challenge will be presented to decide the winner(s). There will be no individual winners for each individual section of the competition, rather completion is the goal.
  • When each section of the challenge starts and ends, it will be announced by the host. Each Competitor is expected to compete with honesty and integrity, and withdraw if they are unable to complete a section of the challenge. Referees will be scanning the live feed for compliance.
  • Each of the Competitors will be encouraged to share a post on their individual social media accounts showing a video, photo, GPS track, Strava activity, or other record of them taking part and encouraging others to join in the challenge. This could be a video on their exercise bike, or completing obstacles, a photo of their watch or treadmill display, and so on.
  • Several sections of the Event will feature a run/walk component. The run/walk leg of each race may be completed using any smartphone app, GPS enabled device, or step counter that is capable of recording distance travelled and time.

    Alternative exercises for the run component must have some means of logging the amount of physical input - for example, a rowing machine should show meters (or yards) rowed and total time, and a bike should show distance ridden and total time.

    The following alternate exercises for running are available to all Competitors who are currently unable to run outside:
      • Treadmill / Air or Fan Bike
        Distance requirements are the same as running or walking outside/inside.
      • Bike / Stationary Bike / Peloton / Spin Bike
        Each run distance multiplied by 4. For example, a 5K run would be a 20K ride.
      • Rowing Machine / Kayak
        Each run distance multiplied by 1.2. For example, a 5K run would be 6K (6000 m) of rowing.
      • Ski Erg
        Each run distance multiplied by 1.2. For example, a 5K run would be 6K (6000 m) on a ski erg machine.
      • Jump Rope
        Each distance is repetition based. For Sprint, 2000 jump rope. For Super, 4000 jump ropes. For Beast, 8000 jump rope. For Ultra, 20,000 jump rope. 
      • Stair Climb / Step Machine / Step Ups
        Each distance is repetition based. For Sprint, 2000 steps. For Super, 4000 steps. For Beast, 8000 steps. For Ultra, 20,000 steps. 
      • Swim
        For Sprint, 1 mile (1600 m) swim. For Super, 1.5 mi (2400 m) swim. For Beast, 3.2 mi (5200 m) swim. For Ultra, 7.5 mi (12,070 m) swim.
      • Bear Crawl
        Each run distance divided by 3. For example, a 5K run would be a 1 mi (1600 m) crawl.
      • Lateral Bounds / Ice Skaters
        Each distance is repetition based. For Sprint, 1000 bounds (500 per side). For Super, 2000. For Beast, 4000. For Ultra, 10,000. 


All Competitors will be monitored by Spartan Virtual Race Head Referee Nathan Rakitt with other global team support throughout. This team will record dropouts, and final results for sharing via social media.

  • Lifetime Spartan Pass for top male and female who finish
  • Finishers receive a miniature version of the Death Race skull and a Death Race hoodie, with “virtual” stamping.
  • DNFs (Did Not Finish/dropped out) receive no prizes


  • COVID-19: All Competitors must comply with and adhere to all necessary and required COVID-19-related safety and risk mitigation practices during participation in this Event, whether communicated verbally or in writing. Any failure to comply with and adhere to all such practices will result in a Competitor’s disqualification (determined in Spartan’s sole discretion). Such practices may include, but are not limited to: (i) recognized social distancing practices (i.e. maintaining 8-feet of space between myself and other individuals); (ii) wearing a proper face mask; and (iii) washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer frequently and avoiding touching of the face. Compliance with these safety and mitigation practices is not only for the benefit of Competitors but also for the benefit of other persons. Failure to comply with such practices may result in exposure to the novel coronavirus or persons with the COVID-19 disease.

    Competitors in the Event do so at her/his own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to herself/himself, and agree to release and discharge Spartan and the people presenting the activities from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of the contest. Competitors should consult with a health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for her/his needs. If a Competitor experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at any time while exercising, stop immediately. If a Competitor believes she/he is having a medical or health emergency, she/he should call a health care professional immediately.


Virtual Race Specifics:

  1. Sprint: 

    5K run (or substitute) + the following 20 obstacles:
    • 10 pushups
    • 10 burpees
    • 10 mountain climbers (per side)
    • 10 jumping jacks
    • 10 air squats
    • 10 forward lunges (per side)
    • 10 hand-release pushups
    • 10 tuck jumps
    • 10 plank up-downs
    • 10 planks shoulder taps (per side)
    • 10 knee slap mountain climbers (per side)
    • 10 reverse lunges (per leg)
    • 10 glute bridges
    • 10 dips
    • 10 decline pushups
    • 10 single leg squats (per side)
    • 10 calf raises
    • 10-second plank
    • 10-second hollow hold
    • 10-second squat
  2. Super: 

    10K run (or substitute) + all Sprint obstacles + the additional obstacles below:
    • 10 situps 
    • 10 leg raises
    • 10 bicycle crunches (per side)
    • 10 v-ups
    • 10 supermans
  3. Beast: 

    21K run (or substitute) + all Sprint & Super obstacles + the additional obstacles below:
    • 10 walk out pushups
    • 10 burpee tuck jumps
    • 10-second wall sit
    • 10 flutter kicks (per side)
    • 10 diamond pushups
  4. Ultra: 

    50K run (or substitute) + Beast obstacles x2

Obstacles can be completed at any time throughout the workout, as long as they are completed. This means you can "stack" them and do them all at the beginning or end, spread them out throughout the workout, or any other combination. Just get it done!


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