What is the Spartan Delta?

The Delta is Spartan’s toughest endurance challenge, featuring achievements in the core Spartan disciplines: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Wedges are earned through a variety of Spartan activities that you may choose from to create your own unique Delta.

A completed Delta can take many forms. A Mind, Body, and Spirit Delta is just one journey. A combination of plates featuring multiple Trifectas from various years is another example. You write your own story. 

How to earn Delta Wedges

Wedges are earned by completing various Spartan events. Certain events are combined to make up different aspects of a Mind, Body, or Spirit Trifecta. 

Mind Body (The Classic Spartan Trifecta) Spirit
1x Workout Tour
1x Spartan Strong
1x Volunteer
1x Sprint
1x Super
1x Beast
1x Hurricane Heat 4h
1x Hurricane Heat 12h
1x Hurricane Heat 24h
1x Obstacle Specialist
1x SGX Training
1x Volunteer
1x Stadion
1x Super
1x Beast
Country A:
1x Agoge Prepare
1x Agoge Endure
1x Agoge Succeed
1x Ambassador
1x Spartan Coach/Instructor
1x Volunteer
1x Sprint or Stadion
1x Super
1x Beast or Ultra
Country B:
1x Agoge Prepare
1x Agoge Endure
1x Agoge Succeed



  • Workout Tour: Attendance at one free Spartan Workout Tour event (provided pre-COVID, not advertised with COVID)
  • Spartan Strong: Given by a Spartan Strong Instructor, upon successful completion of 3 Spartan Strong classes  
  • Spartan SGX Training: Given by an SGX coach to their class participants upon completion of 4 training sessions
  • Volunteer: Successful completion of 1 full-day (12-hour) volunteer shift   
  • Obstacle Specialist: Successful completion of an Obstacle Specialist Class  
  • Spartan SGX Coach: Completion of certification as Spartan Coach  
  • Spartan Strong Instructor: Completion of certification as Spartan Strong Instructor


  • Race Delta Wedges come with your Finisher Medal
  • Spartan Trifecta - Complete a Sprint, Super & Beast in the Trifecta year
  • Alternative Trifectas are possible by swapping in a Stadion wedge for a Sprint, or an Ultra for a Beast


  • Hurricane Heat Trifecta: Complete a Hurricane Heat, a Hurricane Heat 12-Hour, and Hurricane Heat 24-Hour
    • Hurricane Heat 24-Hour is only obtainable by completing one of the H3X global events. Dates and locations are to be available soon.
  • Agoge Trifecta: Agoge students must now attempt to complete a Trifecta by earning all three wedges throughout different stages of a single Agoge event
    • The 60-hour Agoge is a journey of 3 chapters: Preparation, Endurance, and Success.
    • Each successful completion comes with a Delta Wedge representing that chapter.
    • Participants must complete the event sequentially and only continue into the next chapter if they successfully earn a wedge for the previous chapter.

Some Delta wedges may not be available in all global regions, however, with a large number of combinations available, there are many different paths for a Spartan to complete a Delta.

What are the Delta Icons and how do I get them?

Every venue will offer an etched steel Spartan Delta Icon. Each Delta Plate holds 3 Delta Icons, use this space to commemorate the race you dominated to earn your Wedge.  

How long do I have to complete the Delta once I start?

A 3-sided Delta may be completed over an unlimited period of time (except for some individual components which require completion within a calendar year, such as one official Spartan Trifecta).

Is there any specific order I need to complete the different events for the Delta?

You can complete the Delta in any order you wish.

Where do I get my Spartan Delta Pyramid Display?

The Delta Plates and Base Displays can be purchased through the official online store, here

What if I live outside of the US, do you ship internationally?
If you attended a US event, we can ship Delta pieces internationally as long as you provide a phone number during the registration process. 
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