2020: US Trifecta Pass

What is the Trifecta Pass?

Get 1 Sprint, 1 Super, and 1 Beast in 2020 (US Races Only) for one price. A great way to conquer that Trifecta, or simply save some cash crossing the finish line. It also includes: 

  • Entry to 1 Sprint/Stadion, 1 Super and 1 Beast registration ONLY. You cannot use one of the races to enter or upgrade to other events (City, Trail, Ultra, HH, HH12HR, Agoge). 
  • Spartan Pass Holder Hat
  • Training For A Trifecta T-Shirt
  • 1 Festival (Spectator) Pass to each event you sign up for with the pass. 
  • 10% Merchandise Discount
  • Free access to Spartan Expo Series

Note: As of 11/15/2019, the 2020 US Trifecta Pass will apply to races occurring during the Trifecta Transition Period (November 4th, 2019 - December 31st, 2019). With this one exception, all passes will apply to their calendar year (January - December). Any races already purchased without the use of the pass cannot be refunded retroactively. Read more about the Trifecta Transition Period here. 

How do I use it?

Using your Trifecta Pass to sign up for races is easy. Just follow the steps below: 

If your event is taking place BEFORE August 8, 2020, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your ChronoTrack account using the same email address you used to purchase the pass (This is important). 
  2. Locate the "Coupons" tab at the top.
  3. Then find your 2020 Trifecta Pass code (contains pre-fix USTRIFECTA). 
  4. Go to the Spartan website and select the race you are signing up for. 
  5. Click "Register Now" and proceed through the registration flow. 
  6. When prompted for a coupon code, enter your pass code. Once applied, the discount should be reflected, leaving only the racer insurance, parking/bag check fee, and processing fee. If you do not see the discount applied, please do NOT complete the transaction and contact Spartan customer service.  

If your event is taking place August 8, 2020 or after, please follow these instructions:  

  1. Please contact with the race(s) you plan to attend. 

Trifecta Pass Membership benefits are easy to use: 

  • Race registration benefits can be used immediately upon purchase, as noted above.
  • Free Festival Pass can be used for one spectator to enter the festival. This can be claimed by you or your guest on race day at Spectator Registration. The pass will be under your name (the racer). Do NOT use your pass code to register the spectator online prior to race day, this process is handled automatically when you enter your Trifecta coupon code during the registration process.
  • Promotional clothing items are being finalized; stay tuned for specific shipping timelines.
  • 10% Merchandise Discount (Coming Soon)
  • Free Spartan Expo Series (Coming Soon)

Anything else I need to know?

There are a few other important details... 

  • Purchase of the Trifecta Pass does not automatically register you for any particular event, or guarantee entry to any event, or heat. Please read above for instructions on how to use your pass to register for an event.
  • Trifecta Pass is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • After purchase of the Trifecta Pass, the racer is still responsible for insurance, parking/bag check fees and any applicable processing fees PER RACE, upon registration for the specific event.
  • Trifecta Passes can be applied to ANY time block. 
    • New for 2020 - Elite Heats will be gated. You can use the pass for the Elite Heat as long as you have qualified for the Elite Heat and it is not sold out. 
  • Completed registrations cannot be retroactively credited towards the Trifecta Pass. 
  • The military/first responder discount ( is valid for single race entries only and is not applicable to passes nor able to be used in conjunction with any other type of discount, deferment coupon, or promotion.
  • Your Trifecta Pass is ONLY valid for races in 2020. If you do not use all of the races, they will NOT carry over to next year, no exceptions. 

Trifecta Pass Deferrals/Transfers

If you are deferring an event purchased with a Trifecta Pass, please follow these steps.

  1. Initiate the deferment process, as directed here. Pay $35 deferral fee and receive your deferral code. 
  2. Send your deferral code to Spartan Customer Support via Live Chat (look for the red help button on any page), or email: and let us know what race you'd like to change to. 
  3. Spartan Customer Support will activate your deferral code accordingly and you will be able to register for your new race at 100% off the registration fee. You must pay the insurance, parking/bag check, and processing fee for the new race. 
  4. You will have up to 30 days after your original missed race date to initiate the deferral and claim your credit. You can also defer prior to the race, up until the Wednesday before. 
  5. You will have up to 90 days after the race to redeem the credit for a new 2020 race of equal distance. 

NOTE: You will only be able to defer to the same race type. For example, if you're deferring from a Beast, you will only be able to activate your deferral for a Beast. Trifecta pass usage is only valid for one Sprint, one Super, and one Beast, so we are unable to accommodate requests for deferrals to alternate distances. The transfers can only be made to races in the same calendar year (January through December).  

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