2019 Spartan Kids World Championship

Spartan Kids World Championship is the event of the year for those athletes that have aspired to take the next step. Athletes from all over the world will converge on Castaic Park near Los Angeles, CA to take part in this defining race. Top 3 male and female athletes from competitive events throughout the year have automatically received a qualifier spot for 2019.

Expect one of the hardest courses of the year, against some of the toughest competitors you have ever raced along side. This course will not disappoint and will test your athleticism at every turn. At close to 3 miles and 40+ obstacles you’re going to find out what you’re made of. The event itself will be fully filmed for others to tune into and catch part of the action.

Every qualifier will receive a unique registration code through their email allowing them entry into this gated heat. All participants attending the World Championship on Dec 07th will receive their respective countries representation on a pair of unique arm sleeves.

Top 5 males and females from each age category will share in a collection of prize packs with approximate values ranging from $150 to $1500 depending on placement. Top 3 males and females from each age category will podium to receive a custom World Championship award in addition to their respective medals.


For US residents; Qualification is earned 2 ways.

  • Top 3 podium placement is an automatic qualification.
  • A secondary qualification may be earned by accumulating 15 points.

For International athletes; Qualifications are earned two ways:

  • Top 3 podium placement is an automatic qualification.
  • A secondary qualification may be earned with a separate event qualifier for those countries not yet participating timing within events. These are at the discretion of your home country's event Director.

Kids World Championship will continue to have open heats throughout the weekend. If you want a chance to see how you fair on a course set to test the best of them, then now’s your chance. Everyone is welcome to come out and join in the excitement. Come hang out in the Kids festival area where you can take part in competitions, giveaways, and fun. This will be a weekend to remember for all. In addition, every event weekend participant will receive a custom World Championship branded shirt and lanyard.

**Those who are turning 14 on race day and are eligible for adult racing can still run in both events but racers must choose which competitive event to run-either age group 14-17 or Kid Championship, cannot do both.  The suggestion would be to run Kid Championship and later an Open Sprint if you want to do both events.**

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