How to Track an Athlete on Race Day

Follow your friends, family, rivals, and favorite Spartan Pro-Team Athletes on Race Day by signing up for race day tracking notifications. 

Step 1: Find the event your athlete is attending by going to and entering the event location or finding it from the list.

Step 2: Once you have found the event page, scroll down to “Sign up for live updates-Saturday.” If your event is on Sunday or a different distance, you will need to toggle to the appropriate tab first.


Step 3: Hit “sign up now” and then proceed through the setup process as directed on the screen.


Step 4: Sign in or create a new account for yourself if this is your first time tracking an athlete.



Step 5: Once logged in, enter the name of the athlete you want to track. You will need to enter their name exactly as they did on their registration. The name should automatically pop up as you type it in.


Step 6: Select the method you wish to track your athlete, by SMS text or by Twitter.


Step 7: Confirm that your desired tracking method is correct, add another athlete to track, or hit “Finish.”


Step 8: Look for your confirmation email.


Step 9: On race day, receive updates directly to your mobile device


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