Spartan Race Photos

You just tackled a Spartan Race! Spartan provides race photos free of charge. Please allow 3-5 days after your race for them to be uploaded to the website. 

How do I find my photos?

You can find your photos on the Results & Photos page!

Find your race, races are listed with the most recent events showing at the top. You can also use the search bar. Results_Search.png


Select the event and the race type. 


You will have two ways you can search for your photos. First, simply enter your race bib# in the top right box. This is the number that was on your headband. 

Another way you can search for photos is by using the time splits. To do that, just click "Filter By Time" and you can enter a time of day. Then you would click "All Obstacles" to choose the obstacle that corresponds with the time you were there. To find those times, you can get your timing splits from ChronoTrack. 

ChronoTrack Log In

Once in your account, go under the "Past" events tab. Then click "View Results". This will pull up the race results. Just enter your name or bib# to get your timing splits. 


Just enter the times from the "Time of Day" into the search box, choose the corresponding obstacles, and that will pull up the photos from the time you were there. 

Photos taken in the Festival area may be found under the Race Highlights section. Some photos do also get posted separately to the Spartan Facebook page

I Searched For My Photos But Can't Find Any, Now What?

If you tried finding your photos through a bib search and a time search, and but still need assistance, please contact us by sending an email to

Please provide a detailed physical description of yourself and what you wore on race day, such as: hair color, hair style (pony tail, bald, buzz cut, beard, mustache, long, short), ethnicity, any distinguishing marks like tattoos or numbers written on arms/legs, distinguishing clothes (almost everyone wears black and mud will often obscure designs on clothes), etc. Basically, we need information that would help someone recognize you without ever having seen you.  If you happen to have a selfie or snapshot taken of you at the race, that will greatly help in identifying you!

If you experience any technical issue, please let us know what device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) and browser you are using to access the photo timeline. Older versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible with the timeline, so if you use Internet Explorer and experience any issues, please try Chrome or Firefox to see if that works for you.

Other Details

  • The photos can be downloaded free of charge. 
  • We do not have any photos available for races prior to July 2018.
  • Spartan owns the rights to the photos we take and we brand them with our logo. You are not able to remove the logo(s) from your official Spartan Race photos. 
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