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You just tackled a Spartan race! Please allow 3-5 days after your race for your photos to be uploaded to the website. 

Photos Post To Your Spartan Account

You will see photos from your race posted to your Spartan account once you upload your selfie to your account. If you do not see any photos and you see a no matches message in your account then you may search for your photos manually.

How do I find my photos?

Beginning with races in January 2022, you have the option to upload a selfie and run it through the facial recognition program to search for your race photos.


1.  Go to your Spartan account and select your event.


2.  Click the button to Upload Photo.


3.  You can take a selfie from your device by choosing  "Use Your Camera" or select a photo of yourself you already saved by choosing  "Upload Image".


4.  Once you select your selfie image, click "Apply" and the facial recognition system will run it through the gallery.


5.  If the software cannot find a match, you will receive a message to try another image of yourself.


6.  Upload another image and run it again.


Or, you can search the gallery manually. 


How to find your photos manually:
You can find your photos on the Results & Photos page.


1.  Search for your race by location. The most recent events will show at the top of the list. You can scroll to your event or use the search bar.


2.  Once you find your event, click on the arrow at the end of the line and then select the Photos tab and then select your race date/distance.



3.  You can search for photos by using the time splits. To do that, just click "Filter By Time" and you can enter a time of day. Then you would click "All Obstacles" to choose the obstacle that corresponds with the time you were there.

Photos taken in the Festival area and candid race shots may be found under the Race Highlights section. 

Other Details

  • We do not have any photos available for races prior to August 2020.

  • Spartan owns the rights to the photos we take and we brand them with our logo.*  You are not able to remove the logo(s) from your official Spartan Race photos.  

  • Older versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible with the timeline, so if you use Internet Explorer and experience any issues, please try Chrome or Firefox to see if that works for you.
*If you are a Spartan+ member, you will see photos posted to your Spartan account without the logo watermark
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