Ultra World Championship

Join us for the 2019 Ultra World Championship in Sweden!

**Spartans are prepared! Scroll to the bottom to download your Race Day Competitor Guide! 

Here's some key things you need to know:

  • The Ultra World Championship Season starts the day after the previous Ultra World Championship ends. 
    • The 2018 Ultra World Championship season officially ended on December 9, 2018.
    • The 2019 Ultra World Championship season began on December 10, 2018 (and continues until November 8, 2019 - the date of the 2019 Ultra World Championship).
  • 2019 Season Events include:
    (Subject to Change, Please see for up to date schedule)
    • 4/27 Tri-State NJ, USA
    • 6/8 Ohio, USA
    • 6/15 Andorra
    • 6/29 Montreal, Canada
    • 7/5 Morzine, France
    • 7/13 Kimberley, British Columbia
    • 7/20 Ipoh, Malaysia
    • 8/17 Colorado, USA
    • 8/17 Hawaii, USA
    • 8/24 Krynica, Poland
    • 8/25 Zhangjiakou, China
    • 9/14 Vermont, USA
    • 9/14 Scotland
    • 9/28 North Lake Tahoe, USA
    • 10/26 Dallas, USA
    • 10/26 SoCal, USA
    • 10/26 Alviera, Philippines 


  • All points and qualifications earned on or after December 10th 2018 count toward the 2019 Spartan Ultra World Championship season.

  • The qualifying system for the 2019 Ultra World Championship is different than 2018, and is as follows:
    • All regular season Ultra events globally are qualifiers for Elite and Age Group categories into the Ultra World Championship. Competitors must achieve demanding finishing positions, and unlike 2018 there are only 300 qualifying spots available in total. Open category racers may freely register for the Ultra World Championship without prior qualification.
    • Each Ultra event will qualify the top 25 Elite female & top 25 Elite male athletes, plus the top 10 men and women in each age group. Qualifiers have a time limit of 14 days to register after the event and claim their spot.


Support Crew

Racers will be allowed unlimited support crew. However, only two members of a racer’s crew will be allowed in the transition area at once. Each racer will be provided two pinnies in their packet to provide to their crew. Support crew must wear these pinnies at all times while in the Transition Area.  

Required Gear

Unless otherwise noted, all items on this list must be carried by Ultra racers, from all categories (Elite/Age Group/Open), at all times while on the course. Random gear checks will be performed during the event. If a racer is found without an item on this list during gear check, the racer will receive a 30 minute penalty.



  • 1 backpack, running vest, or other device capable of carrying all mandatory equipment.
  • 1 waterproof shell jacket with hood — all seams should be taped/sealed
  • 1 long sleeve shirt — synthetic preferred
  • 1 pair long running pants, tights, or leggings — must fully cover the legs
  • 1 pair waterproof shell pants
  • 1 hat — to protect you from the cold, such as a beanie, balaclava, thermal buff etc.
  • 1 pair of full fingered gloves 

Medical & Safety

  • 2 waterproof light sources — these must be either headlamps or handheld flashlights or a combination of both.
  • 1 survival blanket or bivvy
  • 1 emergency whistle

Hydration & Nutrition

  • Hydration system — the capability to carry a minimum of 16 oz / 470 ml of water in any type of container. There are NO water stations on course.


Foot Traction Aids

Specific types of foot traction aids may be allowed ONLY at specified intervals, at the discretion of Race Management.  Use of these aids will be limited to specific areas of course as designated by Race Management, who will communicate theses times and areas to racers. Racers will not be allowed to use foot traction aids outside of the areas designated by Race Management. All foot traction aids MUST be removable and cannot be embedded as part of the shoe.  Any racer found using any sort of traction aids outside of the specified allowed timeframe and/or location will be immediately disqualified.   
The following guidelines should be used when selecting traction devices.  Use of any non-approved traction aids will result in disqualification:


Allowed Foot Traction Aids:


NOT Allowed Foot Traction Aids:

  • Shoes with embedded spikes (e.g. Icebugs)
  • Crampons

Host Hotel

Spartan has teamed up with Holiday Club Åre hotel to give you the ultimate championship weekend experience. 

This hotel is the hub for all things Ultra World Championship. Holiday Club Åre is the home of the festival area, athlete briefing and post-race party. Plus, the convenient location is a short walk away from the Spartan start line. 

Get access to the hotel spa overlooking Åresjön lake, training classes, dinner designed to boost your energy and more. Bringing kids along? Holiday Club Åre also offers child care with extended hours for all ages. 

Book your stay before August 31, and save 15% with Spartan.



Watch your inbox for more updates as race day approaches! 


See you in Sweden, 


Spartan HQ

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