2019: Spartan Mountain Series

Test yourself on Spartan’s premier mountain events.

Races included in the Mountain Series are (only):

  • May 4: Montana BEAST
  • May 19: SoCal Big Bear SPRINT
  • July 13: Palmerton SUPER
  • August 17: Colorado Rockies BEAST
  • September 14: Whistler SPRINT
  • September 14: Vermont BEAST
  • November 2: New Jersey SUPER



All finishers will receive a special 2019 Mountain Series Finisher medal. To be clear, there will be no "normal medal" awarded in addition. Other races held at the same venue and same weekend will also be eligible for the Mountain Series medal. For example, the Montana Sprint on May 5 will receive the Mountain Series medal, but only the Beast is the designated Mountain Series race. 


Elite and Age Group Rewards

Check back in for more information regarding any additional rewards for the top Elite and Age Group racers!



Check back in for more information regarding the point structure for the 2019 Mountain Series!



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