2018 Iceland Ultra World Championship (and Iceland Sprint)... Everything you need to know!

Thinking of joining us in one of the most remarkable destinations in the world: Iceland. Known for friendly locals, stunning scenery and endless adventure, we'll be offering a 5 mile (one lap) Sprint, or a 30 mile (6 lap) Ultra option. Think you can keep pushing past 30 miles? Race for 24 hours and earn a coveted limited edition medal. The male and female warriors with the most miles will be crowned the Ultra World Champions.
Visit our dedicated 2018 Iceland Ultra World Championship page for further details including Race Location and schedule, Travel details, volunteer opportunities, past results and more! 

Here's a few Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can anyone pre-register? I heard I need an invite?
    Anyone can race in the Ultra Open category and Sprint race, but you do need to qualify for the Ultra Elite and Age Group categories. You must finish a regular-season Ultra within these time limits to qualify: Elite: A finish time less than 10 hours, Age Group: A finish time of less than 13 hours.

    *All 2017 regular Ultra finishers (including Iceland) have been sent an email with a code to enter the 2018 Iceland Ultra Championship. If you did not get that email please email for assistance.

  • How much mileage do I need to do, to finish?
    In order to get an Ultra Finisher Belt Buckle and officially finish the race, you must complete at least 30 miles (6 laps of the 5-mile looped course).
  • How many miles and how many obstacles will there be per loop?
    Approximately 5-8 miles per loop. Expect 15+ Spartan obstacles per loop, as well as many natural obstacles such as single track, scree slopes, and some shallow thermal river crossings.
  • Who won last year? How many miles did they rack up in 24 hours?
    Check out last years top finishers and their final mileage on the 2017 Iceland Elite Leaderboard here.
  • How long did it take racers to finish 30 miles last year (2017)?
    For some racers it took the full 24 hours to finish 30 miles, while the first place male finished 30 miles in about 10 hours. His average pace was 19 minutes 20 seconds per mile.

    After every 5-mile lap racers have the opportunity to enter the heated, indoor Transition Area to eat, drink, change clothes, use the facilities, etc. Because of that, it’s hard to tell exactly how long they were actively running for using finish time and total mileage. Check out the 2017 Iceland Open Category Results here.

  • Will there be burpee penalties for failing an obstacle?
    Yes. The quantity is TBD. There will also be penalty loops.

  • Will it be cold?
    Iceland in winter isn’t as cold as it sounds. Temperatures compared to the American northeast, for example, are relatively mild. You can expect December averages from -1°C to +4°C (30 to 39°F). Be prepared though for high winds, rain, snow, sun, fog, darkness, thermal river crossings, stray Vikings and lots more. A mandatory gear list will be provided as the event date approaches.

  • What kind of shoes should I wear?
    We recommend bringing several pairs of trail-running shoes, including one pair with an aggressive tread pattern suitable for slippery and muddy conditions. Use of spikes, cleats or shoe chains is not permitted. We have a great selection trail-running shoes on our Spartan Shop.

  • How can I volunteer?
    Click here to sign up for an Iceland Volunteer shift. If you have any issues or questions please contact, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch. Iceland promises to be an experience that is just as special for volunteers. Thanks for your support!

  • About the $100,000 Challenge... What if multiple people finish 100 miles?
    In the event multiple people break 100 miles, the prize money for that accomplishment goes to the first person to finish 100-miles. Separately: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mens and Womens Elite will be awarded in a podium ceremony following the race.

  • Other Questions?!
    We encourage you to post your questions on the Official Iceland Event page on Facebook or use the Live Chat feature on the bottom right side of any page and we’ll answer you as quickly as possible.
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