Volunteer Race code limitations

Events that will be covered 100% by your future race code:

Any OPEN Heat Morning or Afternoon registration at any US SPRINT, SUPER, or BEAST. Codes are also redeemable on ONE kids race entry.

Not redeemable on:

  • Codes are not valid for sold out heat times and cannot be used for international races. 
  • NOT valid for early morning wave.  (Only available for open morning or open afternoon).
  • NOT valid for stand alone hurricane heat events. (stand alone = no other event taking place at that location in the same weekend)
  • NOT Valid for 50K or 100K trail, can be exchanged for the 10k trail option
  • NOT valid for Deka Strong or Deka Mile but can be exchanged for a Deka Fit 
  • NOT valid for Ultra can be exchanged for 50% off an Ultra

Upgrades and Add ons:

You can upgrade to the Elite or Age Group Heats by paying the upgrade fee which is the difference between the cost of the afternoon heat and the cost of the heat you are upgrading to.

How do I upgrade? 


  1. Head over to (the registration system) and choose "Athlete Login" in the upper right corner:

  2. Log in or Create an account using the SAME email address you used for registration.

  3. In your profile, you'll see the "Upcoming" events tab. Locate the race in which you'd like to change your start time or category:

  4.  On the right side, choose the blue button that says "Change Race":
  5. Click "Change Race"
    Change to Another Race: this allows you to move your start time WITHIN the same race date.

  6. To adjust your start time, choose "Change to Another Race"

  7. Next, you'll be shown your current start time choice and asked to choose the NEW start time choice you'd prefer. *If a time block is Sold Out, you will NOT be able to move into it. No Exceptions. Time Block capacities are maintained for the safety of our racers.* 

  8. After you choose your new start time, you'll get a screen confirming the charges (if any). You will be responsible for paying in difference in price between the price you paid for your current start time and the current cost of the new start time. There will also be a small Service Fee added to your order for online processing. You will not be refunded if you choose to move from a higher priced time block to a lower priced time block. 

Please Note: Once you input your credit card and agree to the charges presented to you, NO REFUNDS will be provided. If you have questions regarding the charges presented to you, please don't hesitate to contact us PRIOR to completing your transaction.

If you are adjusting your start time less then 14 days prior to the event, your NEW start time may not show online until all changes are processed the Friday prior to the event. 

Yes, you can add on the HH on to your registration. You will get 100% off your regular race from the volunteer credit but will still be responsible for the $14 add-on fee and Hurricane Heat add on fee ($70).
If you select the Hurricane Heat registration choice at the beginning of the registration process, and only wanted to sign up for that, you can use you volunteer code to get 100% off the Hurricane Heat.


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    Kaitlyn Suter

    My account doesn’t show any of my upcoming races so this doesn’t work. Why can’t we upgrade on the Spartan website?!?

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