I used a volunteer code to register for a future race, but now I cannot make it. What do I do?

Do not follow a deferral process

Email letting them know the code you redeemed and the race date and location you need to withdraw from.  Please do not email if you did not use a volunteer code, they will only handle volunteer code entries.  If you email volunteer using a different email the ticket will be delayed and provided back to or you can follow the normal transfer process.

Withdrawing from race PRIOR to race day: You must send a email requesting the withdraw PRIOR to your race day.

You will be withdrawn from the race and a new code of the same value of the redeemed code will be added to your account in 3-5 business days. Add-on fees will not be refunded.

Withdrawing from a race AFTER race day: Your email requesting to withdraw was received AFTER the race day had past.

You will be withdrawn from the race and a code worth 50% off will be added to your account to use on a future race registration.

If you've already paid to defer your race and received a credit for $0, email us at Our Customer Service team will refund your deferral and we will issue you a new credit. Your new credit will be the same kind of credit you used originally. 


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