Parking with ParkJockey

ParkJockey is our preferred parking partner for select event weekends!

ParkJockey allows you to pre-book parking in advance or pay on the spot via credit/debit card. Often, we will offer discounts on pre-paid parking through ParkJockey. Please refer to your specific event page for further information.

What do I need to do to pre-book parking for my event?

Head over to your event page and select the "ParkJockey" registration link. You may also download the ParkJockey App and search for your Spartan event!

You will need to select the number of vehicles and then enter your name, license plate and credit card credentials to book. If you have a rental car, please enter your license plate as "Rental". For multiple rental vehicles, please enter "Rental 1", "Rental2", etc. 

ParkJockey bookings can be made via PayPal or any major credit card.

If I pre-booked, what do I do to check in when I arrive at the event?

The email confirmation can be printed or digital (email /app). If for any reason you do not have your email confirmation, the attendant can still check in your booking by their name on the reservation or by their license plate (if it's not a rental). 
Plan ahead to expedite your parking experience by having your confirmation available!

Special Note: VOLUNTEERS: You must have a copy (printed or digital) of your pass. Your pass contains a unique QR code, generated just for you; without it, you'll be asked to pay for parking at the time you arrive.

I pre-booked, but I never received my email confirmation, or there's a problem with my payment! Now what?

Check out ParkJockey's helpful FAQ here, or feel free to email Please note, Spartan customer support will not be able to assist with ParkJockey email confirmations or payment issues.

I'm not sure what car we're taking to the event! Can I still pre-book with ParkJockey?

Yes! Register the car you think you'll drive, as usual. If something changes before the event, simply follow the process to Update/Change your car and license plate info HERE.

 I forgot to pre-book! Can I pay onsite?

Absolutely! For events where our ParkJockey partners are present, all credit cards, as well as ApplePay and GooglePay will be accepted, upon entry to the parking area. 

For General Spartan Parking Information, head over to this article!


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