2018: Honor Series

Races included in the 2018 Spartan Honor Series (for series points and prizes):

  • April 14th: Fort Benning Sprint
  • May 5th: Fort Carson Super
  • May 12th: Fayetteville Super
  • July 14th: Louisville-Fort Knox Sprint
  • August 25th: West Point Sprint
  • September 22nd: Nashville Sprint
  • October 27th: Dallas Beast 

Will I get a special medal?

  • Races will provide a special series medal to all finishers of the above listed races at the venues above. Special series medals are not limited to only the distances that are eligible for series points and prizes. 
    For example, October 27-28 we will host the Spartan Ultra, Beast and Sprint weekend in Dallas. The Dallas BEAST only is included in the Honor Series for points and Honor series-end prizes, but ALL three events at the Dallas Venue (Ultra, Beast and Sprint) will receive special series medals.


What is the prize money?

  • Races will follow the regular season payouts for Elite races. There is no additional prize money for the Honor Series races. 


How will the points be calculated?

  • Points will be added to the regular season points series. There are no additional points provided for this series. 
  • At least THREE Honor Series events must be completed for an athlete to be eligible for Honor Series-end points awards (can be any three in the series). We’ll use your Best 3 to determine your standings.
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