2017: Spartan US Championship Series

The Spartan US Championship series will be a self contained Elite series comprising of the five following events:

  1. Seattle Super (Seattle, WA) April 22nd, Super (Qualifier)
  2. Golden State Classic (Monterey, CA) June 3rd, Super (Qualifier)
  3. Blue Mountain Challenge (Palmerton, PA) July 8th, Super (Qualifier)
  4. Southeast Showdown (Asheville, NC) July 29th Super, (Qualifier)
  5. The Summit (Glen Jean, WV) August 26th, Beast (Finale)

At each of the first 4 events, the top 5 Male and top 5 Female Overall Elite racers will walk away with prize money: 

1st: $3,000
2nd: $1,200
3rd: $800
4th: $300
5th: $100

Also, the Top 3 Elite Male and Female Master Elite racers will win prize money:

1st: $200
2nd: $150
3rd: $100

Payout at the West Virginia Championship beast will be as follows:

1st: $5,000
2nd: $2,000
3rd: $1,000
4th: $500
5th: $200

Top Master Elites will earn

1st: $1,000
2nd: $700
3rd: $500
4th: $300
5th: $200

Series payouts will be as follows:


1st $7,500.00
2nd $4,000.00
3rd $2,700.00
4th $1,800.00
5th $1,400.00
6th $1,200.00
7th $1,000.00
8th $900.00
9th $800.00
10th $700.00
11th $600.00
12th $500.00
13th $450.00
14th $400.00
15th $350.00
16th $350.00
17th $300.00
18th $300.00
19th $300.00
20th $200.00


This series will be scored differently than our current point series.
For the US Championship Series ONLY racers will be scored as follows:

1st place will score 300 points
2nd place will score 299 points
3rd place will score 298 points...
Down to 299th place which will score 2 points.
300th or lower will score 1 point.

Your Top 4 scores of the series will count towards your final standings.
In the event of a tie, your placement at the final qualifying event (West Virginia) will decide your ranking.  

These events will all still count towards all other series, such as the US Standings and their respective regional standings, and will be awarded points under the normal scoring system for those series. 

Certain events might have a Special NBC Series Only heat where racers will be added to that heat based on their past performances. 

There will be a separate starting area in the front of the general starting corral for the top racers from last years series and the Spartan point series. You will be emailed or called prior to the event to let you know of your inclusion in that area. 

NEW FOR 2017: All racers must attend the final event in WV to be considered for any placement within the US Championship Series. Racers not attending will not be eligible for any prizes or money awards and will be removed from the final standings. 




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