Valentines Day 2 for 1 Promotion

After purchasing the "2 races 1 Price" offer, you will be emailed a code to use to sign up for your two events. If you lose the email, or do not get it for any reason, you can find the code using the following steps:

Where to Find Your Code

The code can be used by the purchaser, or you can use it to sign up two different people. 

  1. You must use the code to sign up for both events by 3/1/2017 and pay insurance plus a small processing fee for both events. If you do not sign up for the events by 03/01/2017 you will forfeit your code use and no refunds will be provided
  2. If using the code for two racers for the same event you must sign both racers up separately (but you will use the same code, again, as it is valid for 2 uses).
  3. You are not able to credit/defer a current registration towards the 2 races 1 price pass or refund a current registration in order to purchase the pass.
  4. The offer is not valid on the Elite Heat, Kids Race, Spectator tickets or Endurance events.
  5. The offer codes can not be combined with other offers/codes, such as GovX.

If you have any other questions or concerns please email

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