Spartan X: Everything you need to know!

SPARTAN X™: Everything you need to know!


  1. How do I log into SPARTAN X™? 
    When you register for the 1st time please do so from a computer – whether a laptop or desktop. The link to register you is:
    and you will then see (2) buttons that will help you complete the process:
    --->Find this button on that page GET LEARNING
    --->Next page down & find this button SPARTAN LOGO BUTTON [with the title SPARTAN X™ the Course], click on it and follow the instructions.

  2. Is SPARTAN UP! The Book included in the course? 
    The book is needed for the course and is not included. You can order it via If you have it already, you can always order one for a friend and pair up to do the course with you!

  3. Can I log into the class whenever I want to?
    Yes. You can log into the course anytime. You control when, where and how long you access the class’ material.

  4. What’s the log in link, I forget to book mark it?
    If you have already signed up, it’s

  5. Is the class online only?
    Yes. SPARTAN X™ the Course is SPARTAN’S online learning program to teach SPARTAN values and philosophies. But, it has offline work too including watching movies, reading books and self-observation activities forms.

  6. How long is the class? 
    The course has ten modules and 66+ different learning activities – videos, challenges & bonus readings- and it’s a class that takes about 60-90 days to complete but can be done in 36-45 days as well or even up to 120 days.

  7. Is there a penalty for taking a longer time to complete the course?
    No. You have access for the course for (1) year from the purchase date.

  8. Can I log in from my phone? 
    Yes. You can log in from your I-PHONE or SMARTPHONE after your initial log in and registration has been completed via computer (lap or desktop).

  9. Is my information private? 
    Absolutely. Your information is private. The discussion areas or forums are viewable by SPARTAN X™ participants only.

  10. What’s the Battle Book™? 
    As Joe says “it’s any notebook you decide to use to track your ‘lessons learned’ and notes during your SPARTAN X™ experience.” It doesn’t have to be any one type of notebook; you decide! It will become your personal artifact, an owner’s manual for your life.

  11. Does this “count” towards my DELTA?
    Yes. SPARTAN X™ is part of the SIDE 2: Training Trifecta, one of the three sides needed to earn your SPARTAN DELTA. See more here:
    Spartan Trifecta Delta 

  12. Will the SPARTAN X™ recall where I left off? 
    Yes. SPARTAN X™ has an API that helps remember the last part of the course that you were experiencing. It will always bring you back to pick up where you left off in the program.

  13. Do I have to work through the program in order or can I “jump” around? 
    An important part of the SPARTAN X™ program is the order of the modules. All information is in a sequence for a reason. We lock it down so each part of the program needs to be engaged before you move onto the next section. Much like a SPARTAN RACE the order and not skipping around from obstacle to obstacle contributes to a better experience.

  14. Can I refer this program to where I work? 
    Yes. SPARTAN X™ has a Business-to-Business SPARTAN X™ Team that helps build better businesses.

  15. Is there a recommended age for this program? 
    Though we believe high school aged children are a good starting point (16 years +), we believe this course is an offering for individuals from 18-80 years of age. We don’t really count anyone “out”, however we believe the course has some challenging concepts that may be missed by younger SPARTANS (under 14 years of age).

  16. How long can I have access to SPARTAN X™? 
    One year. You’ll be able to start, pause and pick up where you stopped and review any parts of the program at any point during the year.

  17. Do I have to post in the FORUMS section?
    We don’t force anyone to post, but we like the idea that you share with the SPARTAN X™ online community.

  18. Do you have any more SPARTAN X™ courses planned after the 1st course?Yes. We have a special GRIT & RESILIENCE Course, SUSTAINING THE SPARTAN MINDSET, and many other featured courses for SPARTAN X™ Graduates.

  19. Can I buy a SPARTAN X™ The Course Workbook?
    Yes. We have a Workbook in development that will be released soon. Let’s get you on the waiting list for that product-what do you say?

  20. Does SPARTAN X™ have any live courses?
    Yes. SPARTAN X™ live courses are usually performed by special request for associations, groups and companies wishing to launch or add to the online course experience. There is a company/group SPARTAN X™ Retreat option which is handled as a special request and built to happen on site at your business or at a designated event venue.

  21. Can I become a SPARTAN X™ Instructor or Coach?
    You might be able to join the SPARTAN X™ initiative and become a SPARTAN X™ Certified Instructor or Coach. More program information will be posted on SPARTAN.COM as the year progresses.

  22. Can my company/team do a race and SPARTAN X™?
    Yes. There are special discounts and programs available for companies and teams wishing to combine the SPARTAN X™ educational experience with a SPARTAN RACE experience.
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