Where do I find the free race code I earned or was issued? How do I use it?

How do I find my free race codes that I earned or was issued? 

1) Log into your Chronotrack account. 
(Complete instructions are here: Logging into your Chronotrack account)

2) If you did not create an account yet, don't worry, your code will still be available once you create an account with the same email address you used to earn your free race code. You can always click on "Forgot Password" if you do not remember your password or have never created a password to receive a temporary password. 

3) Click on the "Coupons" tab to see your available coupons. 

(Please Note, "location" for promotional codes may be listed as Boston. This is simply a generic location - the home of Spartan HQ! - for codes that you have not yet used to register for a race. This does NOT limit what races you may use your code toward)

What Kind of race codes will I find here?

1) Free races from volunteering

These codes will appear 10-14 days after the event has ended, if you need it sooner, please email with the race day you want to run in the subject, which event and shift you volunteered at, and the email given on race day when checking out. The code will begin with USVOLALL-XXXX-XXXX. The WHOLE code must be entered in the promo code box including USVOLALL and the dashes. While we do not guarantee that we can accommodate these quicker turn-arounds, we will try to the best of our ability given the current volume. 

2) Deferment codes if you completed a race transfer

These will appear immediately after paying the deferment fee and will start with the letter "D". No other discounts will be able to be combined with a deferment code. 

3) Other promotional codes issued to you from Spartan race for special circumstances.  

 What kind of codes will you not find here?

1) Vouchers purchased from third parties. 

2) discounts. 

3) Limited time promotions that spartan may offer to all racers. 


Below is a sample coupon and what it will look like in your Chronotrack account:


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