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At Spartan, we want to reward you for ripping your friends off the couch, so we started the Refer a Friend program.  When you recruit your friends to run in the race with you, we'll reward you.

In order to qualify for the reward, your THREE friends MUST register for the event via the referral URL. Refer THREE friends for a free race: 

 You can generate a personal referral link to send your friends here.

Form a Team: Encourage your friends to sign up and race with you!

For a limited time you can refer ONE friend to earn a free race. The link can be found here:

 When friends sign up, you'll receive a ....

You must click on the link and complete the form to send them a personal referral link. 

If your friends do not use your link to register, we won't know that they were referred by you, and we will be unable to issue you a reward.

Please note: Please do not copy and paste the link. Each friend who registers will need their own personal link to be verified as a referral.  

Then, within 14 days of the event, we'll send you a message that includes your voucher.

Program Guidelines:

- You can only get credit for 1 contest per referral and this is dependent on which link you use. We cannot transfer referrals between programs. 

- Self referrals do not count. This means if you sign them up or they sign up from the same IP address it will not count. If you pay for your friends registrations it  will not count. 

- Anyone using a 100% discount code will not count. This includes but is not limited  to Groupon, volunteer entries, pass codes, or deferrals codes (even if they have to pay a difference for the new event).

- Just having athletes on your team does not count as a referal. Each athlete must correctly use the personal referral link. 

- Registrations cannot be retroactively applied towards the program.

- This program excludes Kid's Race Registrations.


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