Spartan Race Elite Team Championship

Q: What is the Elite Team Championship?

A: The 2017 Reebok Spartan Race Elite Team Championship will be coming back to Texas for the third year in a row. Teams of 4 men or 4 women will compete on a 13+mile obstacle course with specially designed obstacles requiring them to work together to succeed. 

Q: How are times calculated for the Team event?

A: The fastest 3 times from each team will be combined to determine the team finish time. The top 3 athletes from each team MUST finish within 30 seconds of each other in order to be classified as a team finish. The Elite Team Championship will feature close to $25,000.00 in prize money. 

Q: How do we sign up?

A: You will sign up for the Saturday Elite event under the same team name. There must be exactly 4 racers on the team and the team name must be identical. Elite Team Championship. To ensure your team is accurate you can view your registration using these steps.

Q: I already signed up for a different heat, how can I upgrade to the elite heat. 

A: You can adjust your start time for the event that you're registered for, by following the instructions here.  Please note that if the Elite heat sells out we will not be able to upgrade you. Also you will need to email to make sure you are added to your team, if applicable. 

Q: I signed up as an Individual, how can I now join a team?

A: You will need to email us at with the exact team name and anyone that needs to be added to the team. 

Q: Will I still be eligible for individual results, prizes, or points?

A: No, since the Team Championship will not be completing the same exact obstacles as the individual runners you will not be able to compete for individual prizes or points. 

Q: Is the price listed on the site per person or per team?

A: The price listed is per person, and will increase as more people sign up. So it is important to get everyone signed up right away.

Q: Can I get a refund if I am not able to get 4 people?

A: No, refunds are not available, however you will be able to still compete as an individual or you can transfer your event. You can read all the details and find complete instructions for transferring, here.


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