Spartan Workout Tour: Volunteer FAQ

We're glad to hear you're interested in Volunteering for one of our Spartan Workout Tour events. Here's what you need to know:

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer?

A: Step 1: Choose “Register as volunteer” when registering for your workout.
    Step 2: Arrive 1 hour prior to the workout start time and check in with your nameemail address, and make sure to let the check-in team know you are there to volunteer.

Please note, volunteer opportunities are not provided at 24 Hour Fitness Workout events.

Q: What do I get for volunteering at a workout?

A: All workout volunteers that attend, sign in on time, and volunteer at the workout will receive a 50% off code via email within 2 weeks of the workout, valid for one open 2020 Continental US Spartan Race of their choice. Discount may be used for a Sprint, Stadion, City or Super event.

*NOTE: You MUST attend the workout and sign in at least 1 hour prior to the workout to receive your reward, no exceptions. We will only email codes to those who signed in on the day of the workout. Codes are not valid for elite heats, competitive heats, already discounted heats, Hurricane Heats, Agoge, Beasts or Ultra-Beasts. Codes only available for 2020 US Continental Spartan Race. Codes cannot be combined with other discounts, codes, or credits.

Q: What can I volunteer for?

Volunteer tasks will be assigned the morning of the event.  Tasks may involve helping with check-in, passing out t-shirts or raffle tickets, directing parking, or anything else that may be needed.  Exact details will be given upon check-in at the event.

Q: Can I still work out if I’m volunteering?

A: Absolutely! But please note that your volunteer responsibilities come first.

Q: How long is the volunteer shift?

A: A workout volunteer shift typically lasts 4 hours, including the workout.

Q: Do I still get my free t-shirt?

A: Yes, you get your t-shirt, swag, and a great workout just like all of the other participant if you have pre-registered at least 10 days in advance.

Q: I’m a member of the Spartan Race Street Team. Do I get a 50% off code in addition to hours?

A: No, you may choose to receive EITHER the 50% off code OR Street Team hours.

Q: How many volunteers are needed?

A: Volunteers are taken on a first come basis. We may not need everyone that signs up. Please show up early to get your spot. Volunteer positions are not guaranteed.

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