2014: Can I transfer to another Spartan Race, to another person, or both?

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The instructions below are for transferring from a 2014 event TO a 2014 event, or from a 2014 event prior to 10/01/14 to a 2015 event. ALL other transfers (2014 to 2015, 2015 to 2015) please see:
2015: Can I transfer to another Spartan Race, person, or both?

In this article:

  1. The details/restrictions of Spartan Race Transfers
  2. How much is it going to cost?
  3. How does it work?
  4. Where's the Transfer Form? 


Sometimes, things happen, and you're just not able to make an event that you've planned on. Not to worry, Spartan Race does allow you to transfer your unused registration!


  • Our Transfer Policy currently only applies to events in the continental US. We are not able to transfer a registration from a continental US event to another country (or Hawaii). 
  • You have until 90 days AFTER your event to transfer your UNUSED registration to a new event. Spartan allows 90 days after your current event, to allow future events to open, that you may choose to transfer to. If at that time, there are still no events meeting your transfer needs, please contact us to review possible further options.
  • For the smoothest process, please submit your request at least 14 days PRIOR to the event you'd like to transfer IN to. 
  • Transfers are limited to one transfer per registration. You can transfer your unused registration to ONE other event. If you can not attend the new event, we are unable to transfer it forward to a new event, you will forfeit your registration.
  • If the event you want to transfer to is not open for registration including the same venue next year, that is what the 90 days are for. There is nothing you need to do at this time other than hang tight and do some burpees (as long as you're not injured!!) and wait for the event to open. 


Our $14 Insurance Fee is charged per person, per day, per venue and is non-transferable and non-refundable. If you want to transfer, you will need to pay the $14 Insurance Fee again, for the new event - NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Transfer from one day to another on the SAME WEEKEND:  

    Saturday to Sunday: Just pay $14 Insurance for the new day
    Sunday to Saturday: Pay the $10 Price difference and $14 Insurance, Total: $24

  • Transfer to a Different Event (Same Level):

    Sprint to Sprint, Super to Super or Beast to Beast. Pay $35 transfer processing fee and $14 racer insurance fee, Total: $49
    *NOTE: Stadium Series events ARE considered a Sprint for Trifecta purposes; however, registration fees associated with stadium events are higher. If you are transferring from a regular sprint to a Stadium Event, the price difference will be factored in.*

  • Transfer to a Longer Distance Event:

    Sprint to Super, Super to Beast, Sprint to Beast, etc. $35 transfer processing fee + $14 racer insurance + difference of registration fees. Total: $49+

  • Transfer to a Short Distance Event: 

    Super to Sprint, Beast to Super, Beast to Sprint, etc. $35 transfer processing fee + $14 racer insurance. Total: $49.  (There will be NO refund given in the difference of registration fees if you choose to downgrade to a shorter event.)

  • Transfer to Another Person:

    $35 transfer processing fee and $14 Racer insurance fee, Total: $49 (Total will be paid by the NEW racer, at the time of registration).



  1. You submit a Transfer Request, using our Transfer Form
  2. You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your request (this will have a ticket number for reference). 
  3. Your original registration will be CANCELLED (you may receive a notification of cancellation email - this is normal!).
  4. Our Transfers Team will email you a Code to register for the new race (or provide to the new racer to register). 
  5. When you register (or the new racer does) with the code, Registration fees will be discounted, leaving you with JUST the applicable transfer fees to pay to complete your registration. 



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    So I would like to transfer a ticket to another person and a different longer race.... does that mean it will be $100

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    Al Mon

    I am registered 2 times, 8am confirmed and 3pmish, for Fenway, I am an annual pass holder and would like to transfer one of my registrations to someone...is this possible if they pay the transfer fee?

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    Kaycee Markus

    Chronotrack isn't giving us the option to transfer a race to another person. what do we need to bring to transfer this on race day?