Food of the Day (FOD) and Workout of the Day (WOD)

Spartan Race has a couple of great resources to help you with your training and nutrition:

First, our Food of the Day (FOD)

By visiting our Nutrition page, you can sign up to receive the updates via email daily, right to your inbox. On the Nutrition page, you'll see (on the right) a box to subscribe. Simply provide your email, and in about 48 hours, you'll see the FOD emails start rolling in. 
** Note, you may want to keep an eye on your Spam/Junk mail folders (Gmail users, check your "Promotions" tab) if you do not see your FOD email arriving. 

If you have questions regarding the daily recipe, feel free to reply to your daily email, to get an answer directly from the experts.


Next, our Workout of the Day (WOD): 

Similarly to our Food of the Day, you can sign up for the Workout of the Day by visiting our Training page and clicking the Subscribe button on the right hand side. Provide your email, and WODs will be delivered daily to your inbox, starting about 48 hours after your subscribe. 

** Note, you may want to keep an eye on your Spam/Junk mail folders (Gmail users, check your "Promotions" tab) if you do not see your WOD email arriving. 


If you have questions about, or need clarification on one of our WODs, you can either a) reply to your WOD email or b) "leave a reply" and post your question right on the website, on the bottom of the page of the relevant workout.  You'll get an answer shortly, right from our Spartan WOD experts.


If you have signed up for a WOD/FOD email, but have not received it:

1) Please check your spam/junk mail folders (or "Promotions" tab, in Gmail)

2) Allow 48 hours AFTER you subscribe to begin receiving emails

3) If you STILL do not receive your email, please contact our Customer Service Spartans, who will check on your subscription

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    gIna beovides

    I haven't received any spartan wods. Signed up for Vermont beast and sprint & would like to see where I'm supposed to be at. Thank you.

  • 0
    Beatriz Izquierdo Soriano

    Donde me registro para que me envíen FOD ??

  • 0
    Donald Hecker

    Still not receiving WOD/FOD after I received an email from you saying that I had been added manually. The e mail was sent 1/16/15


  • 0

    Can we not see the past WODs anymore?!
    How can we find them?!
    Thank you!

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