Understanding Street Team Codes

We understand that registering with a code can sometimes be a little tricky. Here is what you need to know:
Please hand-type your code into the box where it asks for your coupon code (cutting and pasting can often add an extra space that will cause the code to reject).
Only enter the ST and the following code and letters. 
Example: ST882 
Street Team Codes are Race and Date Specific.
Please ensure you are signing up for the race and day requested. You cannot choose another day. Codes will not be valid for other races. Codes may not be exchanged for another race date once you have requested the code.
Once you have used your code and registered for a race, you will be subject to the same deferral process and fees as a regular registrant. In this case, please see our Transfers Page for more information.
Please plan your events carefully so you do not run into this problem. We do not want you to lose a race over poor planning.
Street Team Codes are valid for Open Heats ONLY.
Both the "Morning" and "Afternoon" time blocks are considered "Open" heats. (Read more about Start Times). If you have team members, make sure they all sign up under your Team name and you will all be placed in the same heat together. (Read more about Team Start Times)
To sign up for an Elite Start:
FIRST, please make sure you have signed up for an Open Heat using your code. Then, follow the directions on this page to upgrade to Elite; there will be an additional charge to upgrade, based on current prices.
If your code is still showing that it is not valid after you have followed the directions, please reply to your code email, and we will gladly reset your code.
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    So, if I have this right, once we use a code for our free race through the street team, and are already registered, we can then transfer only paying the normal fees as if we had used cash. Correct?

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    Aja Varney

    Hey Zane,
    That's correct! You'd use your street team code to register for the event. After that, it's like any other registration - can be transferred, upgraded, etc. just like anyone else.

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    Jowita Polanska

    Hi, I have two types of problem. First, I get free code for two people, team reg for the race in Jakuszyce (via email).
    It worked like that last year. But unfortunately during today registration I realized that this free code works only for one person. When I wanted to add another one, code stopped working. Second, my street team code doesn't work. I made a registration for over 10 people today without enter my code bcoz it was not possible to use this.Bcoz of that I didn't get 10% discount for my people and additional points in the table. I don't want to lose.. Thanks in advance :)

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