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For our regular features:

Monday is "How To"

We'll post instructional videos on how to get through many of our obstacles, like the spear throw, rope climb, inverted wall and more (Pro Tip: all of these articles are tagged with "how to", so you can search the blog data base, on the blog page, if you want to see ALL the how-to articles).

Tuesday is the day for Race Reports

Want to know what happened the previous weekend at the race? Didn't catch the winners? Check out Race Report Tuesday.

Wednesday is our "Welcome to..." post

We'll feature our upcoming race venues/cities to give you the low down on places to stay, where to eat and drink, what else is cool to see in town before you leave, how to get around, etc. Keep an eye on this spot if you're headed to a race soon - there's lots of awesome information to be read.

Thursday is Race Preview day

We'll give you the scoop on what to expect in our next race, including the highlight of which racers-of-note you can expect to see there. Will your favorites be in attendance? What other unique challenges might this race present?

Fridays are all about the amazing Spartan Chicks

All things Spartan, from the Chick point of view.

Saturdays are days for you to learn about your fellow Spartans

We might include features on racers that inspire us, our "Dear Joe" section for direct-from-the-racer letters, or other pieces of inspiration to help Spartan Up your weekend.

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    Jose Rivera


    First, let me say congrats to all SoCal Beast finishers! I would like to thank all the staff and volunteers who put this together. I really enjoyed this race and although I was not a top finisher, I did finish. I am sad to say that I disagree with the cancelation of the later Beast heats and the Sunday Sprint. This is supposed to be for the toughest of competitors. The Spartan series races are thought to be the peak of the mud race mountain. I was in the 12:00 heat on Saturday for my third leg of my first Trifecta. Not even a quarter mile in I was being past by competitors going back to the starting line! I could not believe the HUNDREDS of people I passed within the first couple miles. I was trying to boost their confidence levels and give some type of motivation, but to see so many people give up was concerning. By mile 4, I had seen groups from as early as the 10:15 heat sitting under bushes, trees, cliffs, and anywhere else they could find shade. I am not trying to be all negative with this comment, but I truly believe that those who finished are what make True Spartans. It might be that I am from Arizona and am used to this type of heat, But to be called off due to a "Heat wave" I would not call 102 a heat wave, if you kept moving and stayed wet, the breeze would cool you down. I am very disappointed with this race, sorry. I trained, I pushed, I came, and I Conquered! isn't this what being a Spartan is all about? Maybe I had a different vision than everyone else. I Do believe, you have to EARN the medal, the shirt, the respect! Finish the race! Be a Spartan! Conquer under ALL conditions! AROO!

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    Holly Kovacs

    I can't make race because my son is sock, can I get a voucher for the next race because I already paid 2 months ago?

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