Street Team: How do I claim my free entry and redeem it for a race?

To request your code please speak to the Volunteer Manager at the Volunteer Tent on race day or fill out the below form:

2020 Street Team Hour Redemption Request

Once your request it completes your race code will be uploaded into your account. Please allow 7 to 14 days for your request to be processed.  

Remember, earned free entry codes are set for one use only and you will still be required to pay the add-on fees and any applicable processing fees. If you're having trouble using your code, please check the following to ensure you are using your earned Street Team code correctly:

Street Team Codes


For races in or after August please log into Ticket Socket

Ticket Socket - To find your free race code:

1) Log into your account at:

2) Once in your Ticket Socket account, your code will be listed in the "My Passes" tab on the left-hand side. The code will be listed as a redemption code or similar. 

3) To claim your free race, use your Guest Pass coupon code during registration for any US Spartan Race in or after August 

*Please Note: Codes are valid for Age Group or Open Heats only. 

Codes are valid for one year after they are received. 


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