I received a free entry, but my Street Team code isn't working

Remember, earned free entry codes are set for one use only and you will still be required to pay the $14 racer insurance fee. If you're having trouble using your code, please check the following to ensure you are using your earned Street Team code correctly:

1. Codes are Race and Date Specific and for One Use only.

2. Please use the code beginning with ST through the numbers only (make sure if you're cutting and pasting, that you're not getting an extra space).
Example: ST9987 or ST1404569

3. Street Team Codes are valid only for Open Heats (Morning and Afternoon), NOT Elite Heats. Please check to make sure you are registering for an Open Heat.

If you are still having difficulty using your street team code, please don't hesitate to contact us to assist in registration.


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